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Stan Faryna

Got 14 days of preps for Y2K? If not, get started. Click here.

Read the Bean Theory, click to http://wwww.y2kkitchen.com.

-- Stan Faryna (faryna@groupmail.com), October 17, 1999



Thank you so much for your dedicated, hardwork, & most of all your level headed thoughtfullness. Your suggestions to have people not be over wHelmed & to easily see that 14 days of prep is easy to do, easy to obtain & store is priceless. I have worked w/ FEMA in the past & until just this year the web site always stated as the golden rule to have people think about & obtian provision for 3 (THREE weeks) to have on hand for any emergency. With the American population being as large as it is it is really stupid for individuals & families to think that the "government" can & will take care of them. As has been stated over & over by the Pres. Counsel on Y2K etc.. it is up to every citizen to make prudent plans for their own families care. The government can not & will not do it. This have been also parroted by the State & local county governments... (see the bean theory.. the is no way they can store & mobilize & distribute on such a grand scale. In fact many of the plans & senerios just plan to let some margin of the public "die off" in a grave emergency so that other things can be more managable).

Thank you again for you gentle reminders to any lurkers that it can be done.. & the step by step plans to help them thru it. Your approach is very intelligent & level headed. I just hope those that see these tools you have given them take action NOW!!!

-- thankfull (better@offnow.com), October 17, 1999.

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