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Hi all.

I know corn meal is made from hominey. Hominey is made from corn, by boiling,and cornmeal is made by grinding the dried hominey.Does anyone know the exact steps to this process? For example, do you boil dried corn, or fresh? What type of corn makes hominey? etc....?? Thanks

-- Joe America (, October 17, 1999


Hominie corn!

-- ..... (, October 17, 1999.


I don't think hominy has anything to do with cornmeal. Hominy makes grits, and although I have made and canned hominy from white corn (and it's not fun!) I have no idea how it becomes grits. I let the Quaker do that.

But I have watched dried yellow whole corn being ground into yellow cornmeal at a mill. I presume dried white whole corn is ground into white cornmeal the same way.

Happy grinding!

-- Scat (, October 17, 1999.

I hope this works. If not, apology ahead of time.


-- beej (, October 17, 1999.

Perhaps one of the gurus here can look at the source on my last message and tell me where I screwed up. There IS a link there around the parenthesis. Here's the url it's pointing at:


-- beej (, October 17, 1999.

Should have been:

.html">How to make hominy</a>

You only left off the > between .html" and How

The rest of your link was right.

-- html (html@html.html), October 17, 1999.

To make corn meal, take dry corn and grind it. to make grits, take dried white corn, Hickory King is a good type, and coarse grind, then sift out the germ and that is the grits. The finer stuff is corn meal. To make hominey grits, make hominey, dry and grind, and sift out the germ which is the grits. All this talk of corn meal is making me hungry. I think I will go down to the spring house, get some fresh milk I milked this morning, go out to the hen house and get a few eggs, and take some corn meal I ground earlier in the week from corn I grew this summer, and make myself some spoon bread for lunch. Yum yum.

-- chicken farmer (chicken-farmer@, October 17, 1999.

html-- Thanks

chicken farmer-- That is cruel and unusual punishment...unless you can manage to shove some of that spoonbread through your floppy drive for upload to my email address...grin

-- beej (, October 17, 1999.

Thanks for the fine info, and the quick responses. The link was good, and I have added it to my favorites to view in more detail later. Thanks again everyone!

-- Joe America (, October 17, 1999.

LOTS of steps left out in the hominey explanation. Corn MEAL is simply ground corn. HOMINEY (not spelled right get over it ) is the product of soaking the corn in a lye solution, washing several times and then preparing. Someone who archives Cory's list serve can give the full process. You need to break down the corn to hominey to get access to some of the amino acids that we as humans need but are locked up tight in the corn.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, October 19, 1999.

Joe and all,

Corn can be converted into a more useable form to provide essential amino acids for our bodies by soaking it in lye. The following post is from Cory's DC-Y2K-WRP forum;

snip================================================================ Here is a recipe for hominy using lye (you can make your own lye from wood ashes, let me know if you need this info).

"Home Made Hominy-- Hominy, simply, is hulled corn, whole, coarsly broken or ground into small pieces of about the same size. Sometimes hominy is called samp, especially when it is very coarse. Pearl hominy is whole grain hominy with the hulls removed by machinery. Lye hominy is whole grain hominy cooked in lye water. Granulated hominy is a ground form and hominy grits are broken grains. When I was a kid I had a girlfriend whose grandmother was a wounderful southern lady. They always had grits for breakfast, but they were served as a side dish to ham, eggs and biscuits, as a substitute for potatoes. Everyone eats them differently, but they are good with just butter and salt. Some people put their fried eggs on top, or homestyle gravy with biscuits and grits is another country type breakfast. The following recipe describes the lye method of removing the hulls.

1 qt. dry field corn 4 qt. water 1 oz. lye

Place in an enameled kettle and boil vigorously for 1/2 hour, then let stand for 20 minutes. Rinse several times with hot water, then rinse with cool water until you can handle the hominy to rub off the dark tips of the kernels. Float away the tips. Add water to cover hominy one-inch and boil 5 minutes. Drain and repeat 4 times, then cook 1/2 hour or until kernels are tender. Pack in 6 sterilized pint jars; add 1/4 teaspoon salt to each jar. Cover with boiling water; adjust lids and process in pressure canner, 240 degrees at 10 pounds pressure, 60 minutes. (If using quart jars, process 70 minutes.) This recipe will yield 6 pints of hominy. "Hope for the best -- plan for the worst." Annemarie ===================================================================

For the entire treatse on making hominy, lye from wood ashes, masa, Nixtamal and tortillas, you can go to the dc-y2k-WRP archives at and search the archives for hominy. The biggest bulk of the info is in digest #133 and the info on homemade lye in #134.

I'm getting ready RU2

-- Bernard Havran (, October 20, 1999.

Sorry, didn't get that address for Cory's archives inserted right in the last message. Its:

-- Bernard Havran (, October 20, 1999.

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