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It has been one week, and a few hours, since I started the following thread. I never expected this. All I was looking for was a HI, I'm here.

I suggest that everyone take the time to read this. Yea, it's a long thread.

So regulars, you tell me, do we matter? I think we do.

Not bad for a dead forum.

********** LURKERS ********** Please check in!

Tick... Tock... <:00=

-- Sysman (, September 29, 1999


What an amazing bunch! And they even use the ARCHIVES for info!! And some of the chicks even like to MUDWRESTLE!!!

I sure hope that our "lurkers" will "de-lurk" more, there is a room for a lot of sharing and caring in the remaining ... lets see, homina, homina ... 93 DAYS.

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), September 29, 1999.

Thanks for the link, Sysman...great thread! It's amazing how many regular readers there are who never, or rarely, post...and, how long some of them have been here! This forum does have unusual demographics, and that appears to hold true for the readers as well as the posters. Reading through your thread, I am struck by the obvious intelligence and depth of those who posted there. Now if you can just figure out how to convert some of them from lurkers to posters!

-- RUOK (, September 29, 1999.

It was heartwarming to read all the lurker posts. I think you ought to make it a regular feature, Sysman--how about every two weeks or so? I'm sure as the end of the year approaches, more and more people will be lurking here.

Now go and have a look at the words of Doc Paulie responding to Marianne Michaels.

-- Old Git (, September 29, 1999.

Awesome thread Sysdude. Gee all the lurkers sound so - normal. Not like the usual riff raff that posts. Wish we could get more of them to enter the fray more often.

-- R (, September 29, 1999.

Heck, there's more regulars on there than lurkers, the usual Git, Squire, Taylor, Gayla, A&L, Catsy, Faryna, etc., etc. I never bothered to check into it cause I thought it was for lurkers only.

-- @ (@@@.@), September 29, 1999.

57 lurkers or new to us posters 10 sometimes posters 13 regular posters

More or less as of 0811 9-29-99

can't see how 23 > 57

must be arithmetically challenged

Night Train, the champeen speller

-- jes an ol footballer lookin fer daylight (Nighttr@in.lane), September 29, 1999.

Make that 58 lurkers

-- Tiara (, September 29, 1999.

I would've posted on that thread but was up to my eyeballs in LED- related stuff... ;-)

Oh no, he's posting again under the name...

-- OddOne (, September 29, 1999.


It's filled with such meaningful material.

An example:


-- (, September 29, 1999.


Your mud wrestling line is getting really old and annoying. I'm sick of it and wish you would go jump in front of a moving train. Or better yet, hang yourself you lame dimwit!!!

-- (, September 29, 1999.

When I read the Lurkers thread, what struck me was that it was so similar to the threads of a year-and-a-half ago. No name calling, no ego pumping, no polly argument. Just concerned people sharing thier knowledge/ignorance, and their fears/plans. A true gem of this great cyber community! I liked it very much, (and as always, learned lots of new things to impress my wife with).

-- Lon Frank (, September 29, 1999.

To everyone... IMHO, this place is the best... It is the first website I go to when I login, if I can go to.... now I see why "SERVER BUSY" comes up all the time!

As long as this site is here, The Dog will be here... If you will have me.

tail waggin'...

The Dog

-- Dog (Desert, September 29, 1999.

The Dog's right. The straightest scoop (if you can sift) is here. I don't bother with the others anymore except for entertainment.

done sniffin',

-- Carlos (, September 29, 1999.

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