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I've been asked to share (Y2K)information with two Y2K semi-illiterates, a businessman and a pastor. Would you mind sharing what you consider to be the most informative/persuasive/provoking link (or two or three)? I want to get the information compiled and printed as soon as possible. Thanks!

-- Mumsie (, September 06, 1999


Canadian Y2K
Y2K Dehydrated Baloney Sandwich
Y2K Bathroom Book

-- (Really@useful.links), September 06, 1999.

Point them here:


If they can't figure it out from one of these, well, er...


-- Critt Jarvis (, September 06, 1999.

Ok, here are a few favorites. Sorry you'll have to copy and paste:

-- Margaret J (, September 06, 1999.

Brians sources...

Good Research Links for your Y2K investigations 001A3x

-- Diane J. Squire (, September 06, 1999.

My favorite, show this to your pastor.

-- Bill (, September 06, 1999.

Mumsie -- you'll love this -- :-)

-- A (, September 07, 1999.

Although I think a lot of the foundation the site is built on is cracked and off, I did enjoy browsing so far. Will take a better look tomorrow.

For example,

"ENERGY LAWS Erwin Schrodinger (1945) has described life as a system in steady- state thermodynamic disequilibrium that maintains its constant distance from equilibrium (death) by feeding on low entropy from its environment -- that is, by exchanging high-entropy outputs for low- entropy inputs. The same statement would hold verbatim as a physical description of our economic process. A corollary of this statement is an organism cannot live in a medium of its own waste products. -- Daly and Townsend

All matter and energy in the universe are subject to the laws of thermodynamics. The First Law (the conservation law) says there can be no creation of matter, only the transformations of existing matter from one form into another. The Second Law (the entropy law) says that spontaneous processes will increase the disorder (or entropy) of a system; concentrations of matter tend to disperse, structure tends to disappear, and order becomes disorder. Moreover, all physical processes reduce the total available energy.[13]"

He rather contradicts his evolutionary blather by stating this law. HO hum. I suppose if he landed on Mars next year, and found a computer system and software to go with it, he would say, "My, how amazing! Look what billions of years of evolution have done!" Laugh your head off! Nope, he would say, "Aha, an alien was here!" Why? Because obviously someone designed and created that intricate nifty little computer and its software. And that ain't nothing compared to one cell in the human body.

Some parts I liked: "In the end," says the Grand Inquisitor in Dostoevsky's parable, "in the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say to us, 'Make us your slaves, but feed us.'"

Aristotle thought there were eight legs on a fly and wrote it down. For centuries scholars were content to quote his authority. Apparently not one of them was curious enough to impale a fly and count its six legs. -- Stuart Chase

I have long believed that people will usually stick to their beliefs out of pride more than anything else. Few are seekers of Truth.

-- Mumsie (, September 07, 1999.

Bill wrote:

My favorite, show this to your pastor.

-- Bill (, September 06, 1999.

--------- Bill,

I did go to this site and read through the article-- although I admit it was a quick read through (pretty much how I've been trying to read through as much as possible the last couple of months). I understand what the article is saying from a spiritual perspective, but I did feel it was sending some mixed messages (to me at least). On one hand there is the suggestion that people should get out of the cities. On the other hand, the last section almost seems to argue against making physical preps because somehow that shows one isn't trusting God. And often the last part of an article is the part that the reader takes away with them.

Do you think this would tend to encourage people (such as pastors) to prepare or dissuade them from preparing? Thanks,

-- winter wondering (, September 07, 1999.

(1) Fewer than half of the largest U.S. companies are expected to complete Y2K remediation on critical systems prior to 1/1/00.

(2) The U.S. federal government has missed three deadlines for compliance.

(3) Corporate budgets have increased up to five-fold for Y2K remediations after underestimating the scope of the problem.

(4) 60% of British corporations are stockpiling goods and raw materials.

(5) Edward Yardeni, chief economist at the investment bank Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, estimates a 70 percent probability that Y2K will cause a global recession or an energy crisis because of weak links in the supply chain.

(6) Two of the countrys largest PR agencies have set up "spin-doctoring teams" to assist companies in "explaining away" Y2K issues.

(7 ) Y2K compliance claims are often bogus. Vendor "lying rates" have been discovered to be as high as 50%.

(8) An independent bank ratings company has found evidence contradictory to status reports of federal bank regulators.

(9) The Pentagon has acknowledged falsifying Y2K readiness reports.

(10) The electric industry group, NERC, has stated that utilities are 99% ready. However, their report indicates that the actual figure is only 70%.

(11) NERC has refused to reveal non-compliant power companies to the Dept. of Energy, according to a verified internal memorandum.

(12) The Chief Operating Officer of a company which has remediated 100 electric utilities stated, ``the whole grid won't collapse, but there will be outages that could last up to several weeks.''

(13) The U.S. House has required that agencies prepare Y2K contingency plans that assume systems failures.

(14) The Year 2000 Program Manager for Washington D.C. has prepared contingency plans for one to two weeks without power, which she cites as the expected national average.

(15) Washington D.C. plans a "massive mobilization" of emergency personnel, and will open 21 warming shelters in local schools on New Year's Eve.

(16) The Red Cross is organizing shelters in every community to provide "mass care services" in the event of Y2K disruptions of power, water, sewer, heat, and delivery of food.

(17) The San Diego Police Dept. has advised each officer to purchase an RV and stock it with food and water in preparation for service disruptions and civil unrest.

(18) Special U.S. Army forces are engaged in a secret operation to protect food distribution centers in the event of a Y2K emergency.

(19) The British government has engaged secret plans for elite special forces, comparable to U.S. Navy Seals, to deal with outbreaks of civil disorder and collapse of utilities due to Y2K problems, and to protect government sites, banks, airports and power stations.

(20) The U.S. Marines recently held a training session in which the proposed scenario was an angry mob of federal workers who had not received paychecks due to Y2K computer problems, and were storming government buildings.

(21) A new disaster law in Oregon provides for emergency powers of the City Manager, including confiscation of equipment, vehicles and other property.

(22) During a Y2K test in Los Angeles, a treatment plant dumped 3 million gallons of raw sewage into a city park.

(23) Austin, TX has ordered 25 generators to protect city operations, sewage and water plants from Y2K power outages.

(24) FEMA has purchased 1,000 generators which shall be distributed to states to be used in the event of Y2K power outages.

(25 ) A Milwaukee power company has advised customers to consider the purchase of an electric generator.

(26) Senator Bennett, Chairman of the Senate Y2K Committee, has stated that he will stock over two weeks' worth of food and water in preparation for Y2K.

(27) Rep. George Grindley, Chairman of the Georgia Y2K Taskforce, has indicated that he will stock over three months' worth of food and water in preparation for Y2K.



(1) Fewer Than Half of Major Firms Anticipate Full Year 2000 Compliance in Critical Systems by Year's End
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 10, 1999 Zz

(2) Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Michael Hyatt, July 28, 1999

(3) Y2K Budgets Jump As Much As Five-Fold After Underestimating Task of Preparing for Y2K

(4) Firms Stockpile to Beat Y2K Bug, The Sunday Times, June 13, 1999 Sb

(5) Y2K Still Likely to Spark Recession: Forecaster
Jim Wolf, Aug. 10, 1999 (Reuters)

(6) Public Relations Experts Preparing Y2K Spin-Doctoring Q0

(7) User Beware -- Y2K Compliance Claims Could Be Bogus
Richard Burnett , The Orlando Sentinel, July 1, 1999
ht tp://

(8) 17% OF U.S. Banks Receive "Below Average" Y2K Grades; 5% Rated "Low," Findings Contradict Regulators Tallies
Over 30% of Banks Admit Missing Y2K Deadline, Contradicting Government Assurances

(9) Pentagon Exaggerated Y2K Readiness, USA Today, Jan. 26, 1999

(10) Cover-up of Laggards Continues: Is electric industry's report intentionally confusing?
David Franke, World Net Daily, Aug. 4, 1999 90804_xndfr_coverup_la.shtml

(11) FEMA Left in the Dark: Power companies cover up Y2K troubles
David M. Bresnahan, World Net Daily, Aug. 3, 1999 3_xex_fema_left_da.shtml

(12) Utilities Say They're Y2K Ready, Though Blackouts Expected
Bloomberg, June 30, 1999

(13) Freedom Works: Home Page of the Office of the House Majority Leader

(14) Official & complete 60 MINUTES Transcript, May 23, 1999 qn

(15) D.C. Plans To Mobilize Workers For Y2K Backup; City Still Far Behind in Fixing Computers

(16) Red Cross Disaster Planning: Preparations include shelters in communities country-wide
David M. Bresnahan, World Net Daily, Aug. 5, 1999 5_xex_red_cross_di.shtml

(17) San Diego cops' Special Preparations: Officers told to get ready for family survival, increase in crime
David M. Bresnahan, World Net Daily, July 12, 1999 2_xex_san_diego_co.shtml

(18) Army Prepares For Y2K Food Crisis, Undercover Special Forces operatives in distribution center
David M. Bresnahan, World Net Daily, May 24, 1999 4_xex_army_prepare.shtml

(19) Soldiers Pull Out of Kosovo to Deal With Millennium Bug Chaos
Hugh McManners, Defence Correspondent, The Sunday Times, July 18, 1999 tinwenws01039.html?999

(20) Marines Train in Preparation for Workers Potential Y2K Anger
STEVE VOGEL, WASHINGTON POST, March 18, 1999 ; Page J06 wK

(21) City Manager Gets Added Power if Disaster Occurs
SCOTT MABEN, The Register-Guard, August 10, 1999 qD

(22) Fears of Sewage Spill Delay Y2K Test at Plant
Los Angeles Times, By Patrick McGreevy and Karima A. Haynes, June 19, 1999

(23) Cities Snapping Up Generators For Y2K, Austin-American Statesman, July 26, 1999
http ://

(24) FEMA Readies For The Bug: What the agency is doing to prepare for Y2K
David M. Bresnahan, World Net Daily, Aug. 5, 1999 5_xex_fema_readies.shtml

(25) The Alliant Situation: Yet More Bizarre, E.L. Core, December 1, 1998
htt p://

(26) Y2K Forecasts, CBN Newsstand, David Snyder, July 20, 1999 org/newsstand/stories/990720.asp

(27) Georgia Representative Says Federal Government is Deliberately Misrepresenting Y2K Status of Power Grid

-- mabel (, September 07, 1999.


Here are some good links for a "newbie".

To learn about how it started


Arguably the best article on the topic

  Vanity fair wild2k Database: The Y2K Nightmare

And current information about Y2K

 (Gartner)Year 2000 World Status, 2Q99: The Final Countdown

-- Brian (, September 07, 1999.


Copied below are the last few paragraphs. The message I got was, first get right with God and trust in Him. Next prepare as best you can, as God has shown that it is ok to hide from His rath. Your faith will be tested, and be prepared for that as well.

"Are you freaking out at the looming Y2K disaster? Yes, its bad all right and could prove a disaster for your family, despite your best preparations. But get a grip! God is God, and He is good. No matter what happens we can handle it through the strength Christ gives. None of us is planning to live forever on this earth anyway. Our goal while we remain here is simply to live in a way that honors Christ.

Y2K will test the faith of those who profess Christ as Savior and Lord. Many will prove to have a shallow faith that buckles under the weight of the trial. May your faith and mine be found strong in these days.

Y2K appears to be a worldwide upheaval in the making. We seem to be in the early stages of an outpouring of Gods wrath against proud, rebellious man. You must repent. You must prepare. And in all your preparation, you must trust in your one sure Refuge.

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, even though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea. The LORD of host is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge." (Ps. 461,2,7)"

-- Bill (, September 07, 1999.

Thanks All!! You are the best!

-- Mumsie (, September 07, 1999.

Bill wrote/clarified: "Copied below are the last few paragraphs. The message I got was, first get right with God and trust in Him. Next prepare as best you can, as God has shown that it is ok to hide from His rath. Your faith will be tested, and be prepared for that as well."

Thanks Bill for including the last few paragraphs-- I think I tended to focus in on the paragraph before those:

"So before you race around storing up food and provisions, cast your anxiety on Him who cares for you. The Lord no doubt has a lot of purposes for Y2K, but surely one of His chief purposes is to purify the faith of His children and teach them to rely on Himself alone."

In reading through it quickly, that seemed to counter physical preps... But now that you set aside the last three paragraphs I see that the person writing this does say "You must repent. You must prepare. And in all your preparation, you must trust in your one sure Refuge."

I think my faith is already being tested-- it sometimes feels that by making physical preps one isn't trusting God enough. Some who are influential in certain Christian circles have even stressed this and more or less said, "Come on people, we need to get back to trusting God"-- as if somehow, by making physical preps we are invalidating God.

Well, this is sort of a digression from the original question. Thanks again,

-- winter wondering (, September 07, 1999.

Sorry, I just noticed you only wanted one to three links!!!

-- mabel (, September 07, 1999.

It's hard to pick the most chilling of my favorites, but how about numbers 17, 26 and 27.

Key concepts:

Cops - buy an RV and stock it.

Bennett - two weeks.

Grindley - three months.

-- mabel (, September 07, 1999.

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