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May 23, 1999, Sunday

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STEVE KROFT, co-host:

When we did our first story last fall on Y2K, the year 2000 computer glitch that threatens to shut down the world's computers come January 1st next year, a lot of people still thought it was a joke, a lot of hype to make people go out and buy new software. Today, no one is laughing, least of all the corporations and public entities that have spent an estimated $200 billion trying to fix the problem. Everyone agrees that enormous progress has been made, that the computer glitch is not going to mean the end of civilization as we know it. Now the federal government is comparing Y2K to a huge natural disaster, like an earthquake, a hurricane or a tornado that disrupts peoples' lives for days, weeks or maybe even months. The people who seem to be the least prepared are local governments, and you may find that the computer bug hits hardest on the street where you live.

(Footage of computer room; computer chips; waterworks; 911 center; welfare office; traffic lights; computer room)

KROFT: (Voiceover) Local governments all across the country have become dependent upon computers and microprocessors to deliver services. They open the valves at the waterworks and handle 911 emergency calls. They send out the tax bills and print the welfare checks. They make the traffic lights turn red and green. And all of those systems are potentially vulnerable to the Y2K computer bug.

And no city is more vulnerable than Washington, DC. The federal government's General Accounting Office has warned Congress that the Y2K situation is so bad here that the nation's capital may be unable to effectively ensure public safety, collect revenue, educate students or provide health-care services.

(Footage of Mary Ellen Hanley and Kroft talking; business office)

KROFT: (Voiceover) No one is more aware of those problems than Mary Ellen Hanley, a top computer systems specialist who was hired by the District of Columbia to try and fix them. But when she took over last year as Washington's year 2000 program manager, she quickly discovered that there was no program and not much management.

Sounds like you expected the worst.

Mr. MARY ELLEN HANLEY: I expected the worst.

(Footage of Hanley and Kroft talking; sign reading District of Columbia Project Year 2000, Y2K Project Office; people using computers; shirt reading Govt. of the District of Columbia Y2K Project 1998-1999)

KROFT: (Voiceover) And she wasn't disappointed. Turns out no one even had a complete list of the departments and offices that make up Washington's local government, let alone a list of the computers and software they use. She quickly realized there was simply not enough time to make all the computers Y2K compliant.

But you had no illusions that you could fix all of the problems by the year 2000?

Ms. HANLEY: Never, never.

KROFT: All of the critical systems?

Ms. HANLEY: We hope all of the critical systems, but we knew we would never fix all of the systems of all of those 68 ag--District agencies. No time.

KROFT: So you--correct me if I'm wrong.


KROFT: You're so far behind, the only way to deal with the problem is to try and set up contingency plans, assuming things won't work.

Ms. HANLEY: Contingency is--is--is prudent. It's a prudent methodology.

(Footage of meeting dealing with manual workarounds)

KROFT: (Voiceover) In most cases, those contingency plans involve something called 'manual workarounds,' which is exactly what it sounds like: going back to doing things by hand, the way they were done before computers. When we spoke, her office had just finished a plan for the Office of Tax and Revenue.

Ms. HANLEY: We're going after contingency in a way that would be very basic, so if w--if it had to be manual, we would have to develop a way to do that.

KROFT: Pen, pencil and carbon paper?

Ms. HANLEY: Perhaps setting up centers around the city where people would come, print--print out everything before January 1st, have it in place so that we could deal with it, be able to set up centers where people could come, find out and check and verify taxes.

(Footage of Hanley in a meeting)

KROFT: (Voiceover) For some welfare-related programs, the kind Hanley describes as 'getting checks out so kids get fed,' the contingency plans are as simple as hiring a hall, renting tables and chairs and drafting a few hundred city workers from one department to write checks or keep records, so that another more critical department can be up and running.

Obviously, if you have a lot of failures, you're not going to have enough people.

Ms. HANLEY: Could happen.

KROFT: In the testing process, have you had failures?

Ms. HANLEY: We have had some failures, principally in the area of the District's payroll, a subject very close to all our hearts who work here in the District. We had a failure date of December 18th. We were able to find it. We were able to fix it and test it and return it to production. We had a...

KROFT: How long did that take?

Ms. HANLEY: That took us approximately 60 days.

KROFT: So if this had happened and you hadn't found it, you--your payroll department would've been out of commission for two months.

Ms. HANLEY: We would've been unhappy.

(Footage of a computer with Year 2000 on the screen; people using computers)

KROFT: (Voiceover) But it's not just computers shutting down that worries Mary Ellen Hanley. It's computers with Y2K problems that continue to function, improperly, spewing out inaccurate data, like issuing checks for the wrong amounts.

Instead of $500, it comes back $5.00 or $0.50.

Ms. HANLEY: Could, yes, any of those. Any of those--any of those amounts.

KROFT: Or $5,000.

Ms. HANLEY: Or $5,000. Yeah. That's a problem, too.

(Footage of the Capitol dome; Welcome to Montgomery County sign; computer room)

KROFT: (Voiceover) But even if Washington, DC, had started preparing years earlier, there's no guarantee it could have averted these problems. Just take a look at Washington's next-door neighbor, Montgomery County, Maryland, by most accounts, the best-prepared local government in the country for Y2K problems. It began preparations more than four years ago and has spent more than $40 million on Y2K fixes and replacements.

Mr. BRUCE ROMER: We have about 700 signalized traffic installations in the county.

(Footage of Romer showing Kroft the central traffic system)

KROFT: (Voiceover) County manager Bruce Romer is particularly proud of the state-of-the-art central traffic system. He rolled the clock ahead to show us there are no problems.

So the traffic system actually thinks that this is December...

Unidentified Technician: When it changes the clock, December 31st. And here we are, we're now year 2000.

KROFT: Zero one, zero one, zero zero.

Technician: Now you've got 2000.

KROFT: Yeah.

Mr. ROMER: 1/1/2000. There's an intersection right over there still functioning. And another over here.

These, again, have been certified as compliant.

(Footage of Romer showing off computer-related equipment; fireman climbing ladder)

KROFT: (Voiceover) To make sure all the problems were solved, Montgomery County inventoried and checked all of its computer systems and every piece of equipment that had a computer chip in it--1,100 items in the fire department alone. They thought they had tested everything.

So what happened on the first business day of 1999? Well, the computer that handles building permits crashed. The building permits are good for one year, and the computer couldn't handle expiration dates in the year 2000. But that wasn't the only problem. The county soon learned from Microsoft that the in-house computer network that handles e-mail and stores county records and was supposed to be Y2K compliant was not.

(Footage of Duncan at his desk)

KROFT: (Voiceover) And then there was that call county executive Doug Duncan got from Ericsson about the county's phone switcher, which was also supposed to be Y2K compliant.

Mr. DOUG DUNCAN: And then all of a sudden, they came back later and said, 'Oop, sorry, we made a mistake.' So now we're spending that $7 million getting a total new phone system for the county.

(Footage of Year 2000 Web site for Montgomery County)

KROFT: (Voiceover) And these are the kinds of problems being encountered in the best-prepared county in America.

If you're not convinced that you're going to be ready for this thing now, after spending $40 million and spending five years on it, what about the other communities around the country that haven't done anything?

Mr. DUNCAN: I get--I get a little nervous about some of that.

KROFT: You are a suburb of Washington, DC, the nation's capital.

Mr. DUNCAN: Yeah.

KROFT: What happens once you cross the line, the District of Columbia? Do you have any sense how well prepared the District is?

Mr. DUNCAN: My--my sense is, they're going to have some very serious problems. They're not going to be able to do it in the--in the next eight months.

KROFT: No way?

Mr. DUNCAN: It's not--it's not going to happen.

(Footage of water reservoir; wastewater facility; computer room; date on computer screen)

KROFT: (Voiceover) One of the prime concerns for Washington and other communities around the country is drinking water. Computerized water and wastewater treatment facilities use embedded computer chips in their control systems. Some of the chips in those water systems have been tested for Y2K and have failed. Mary Ellen Hanley believes that Washington's water system can run without its computer controls, but she acknowledged she may have to develop contingency plans for water rationing.

What would cause water to be rationed?

Ms. HANLEY: If we lose power, through the power grid--as any other state or city around us, including Montgomery County--we will not be able to function normally and we'll have to go to considerable slowdowns that will produce--could produce rationing, for example.

KROFT: You're preparing contingency plans that there might be no power?

Ms. HANLEY: Yes.

KROFT: For how long?

Ms. HANLEY: We're looking, roughly, at what we would consider national averages, one to two weeks.

KROFT: One to two weeks without power?

Ms. HANLEY: One to two weeks.

KROFT: You think that's possible?

Ms. HANLEY: Right now, we don't think it's impossible.

(Footage of Y2K brochure from the American Red Cross; excerpt from pamphlet reading, "Stock disaster supplies to last several days to a week..."; "...nonperishable foods, stored water...prescription and nonprescription medications...")

KROFT: (Voiceover) And apparently neither does the American Red Cross. The Red Cross Y2K checklist suggests that Americans stock enough 'disaster supplies to last several days to a week,' including 'non-perishable foods, stored water and an ample supply of prescription and non-prescription medications.'

Senator ROBERT BENNETT (Senate Special Committee On Y2K): The committee will come to order.

(Footage of Senator Bennett in a committee hearing)

KROFT: (Voiceover) According to Senator Robert Bennett, the chairman of the Senate Special Committee on the Y2K problem, there is still a possibility of economic disruption that could lead to civil unrest.

What does that mean?

Sen. BENNETT: If, for example, there is a municipality that is unable to distribute welfare checks, there could be some civil unrest that could come out of that. If--if there was a disruption in the food supply and food didn't get in, in a--a distributive kind of way--that it was concentrated in one part of the city but not in another--that could be a situation that could create some civil unrest.

KROFT: Do you have contingency plans for that? Does the federal government have contingency plans for that?

Sen. BENNETT: We do not have an overall, national federal program. There are some people who--who suggest, 'Gee, this is going to be martial law, in an effort to try to put down that kind of thing,' and they're very scared about it. We simply don't have the machinery for martial law. If it gets to the point where there is that big an emergency in a particular area, the governor would call out the National Guard. And it would be handled at a state level...

KROFT: Mm-hmm.

Sen. BENNETT: ...rather than a federal level.

(Footage of the Washington Monument; Metropolitan Police Washington, DC, shield; city streets; Senator Bennett addressing a conference)

KROFT: (Voiceover) As for Washington, DC, Senator Bennett feels that the District is taking a responsible approach with its contingency plans. A survey of county governments across the country shows that 73 percent of them have no contingency plans at all for Y2K failures. And a report prepared for the US Senate's Y2K Committee says 66 percent of all cities and towns will experience at least one critical computer system failure. Senator Bennett believes the country has made a lot of progress in the last six months, but he adds that the country is in unchartered waters, with no historic precedents.

Sen. BENNETT: The dire predictions will probably be fulfilled but on a sporadic basis, place by place. If you're in one of those places, the fact that the overall system works is not going to be very comforting to you. But we would be irresponsible if we were to say, there are no problems, everything's under control, because there's still a lot of work to be done.

Ms. HANLEY: We--we think there will be some disruptions, and we think they will be localized in many cases, if the supply chain works. That's a big if. If power works; if gas works; if Bell Atlantic works; if people who supply groceries to the inner city work; if pharmaceutical companies make enough pharmaceuticals; if people should horde things. All of those are big ifs. But I haven't yet seen, since I have been in--in this position and working with this project, that those groups are ignoring the kinds of concerns that you justifiably are raising that people have.

KROFT: I want to read you some advice that somebody gave about Y2K. "You can do the marauder approach and move to the mountains and take everyone with you, including your mother-in-law, and hole up for a year. Or you can buy four weeks' worth of water, put $100 in your pocket and make sure you're safe in your own home."

Ms. HANLEY: I know that quote.

KROFT: Who said it?

Ms. HANLEY: Actually, I said that.

KROFT: The quote get you into trouble?

Ms. HANLEY: I've had several conversations with interested people concerning that quote.

KROFT: How high up the food chain?

Ms. HANLEY: High enough for me.

KROFT: Is it good advice? Is it legitimate advice?

Ms. HANLEY: I believe it's--I--I believe the advice is that all of us do personal preparedness, as we would for any event that we know is coming. This event can't be legislated away. It's going to occur. I think it's wise to prepare, and I think it's wise for us in city government to take all the necessary steps that we can to serve our public, and you try to do that in the best way that you can.

KROFT: Earlier this spring, the federal government gave Washington, DC, $61 million for its Y2K work. Most of that money has already been spent, paying outside contractors like IBM, who had been working for months without being paid. Washington's government is now asking for an additional $50 million to finish the job.



LOAD-DATE: May 24, 1999

-- Prometheus (, May 24, 1999


Thanks for the transcript. Saw the show and thought the body language and facial expressions said even more. I thought Ms Hanley was clearly trying to get across (in a politically correct way) that the situation in D.C. was totally FUBAR. I suspect we will see an even more explicit show in August.

-- RD. ->H (, May 24, 1999.

I don't see the show. I am a computer programmer that just finish a job for the US Postal Office. A fellow co-worker that was working with me has a friend working for the DC government said that the DC government hadn't started work on the systems for the Y2K changes. The problem being there isn't enough programmers and the DC governemnt is broke. By the way I am still looking for work and I have over 25 years of experience of mainframe work and 5 years of Y2K. I wonder why? Can it be that companies don't want to fix it?

-- Loretta Pasch (, May 25, 1999.

Only recently have my elderly parents started to pay attention. I called them following 60 Minutes and the first thing Mom said was "we don't have enough water." Yes, I know. They are five hours away, but everytime I visit I add to the pantry and other supplies. Too many people still are not listening. The provisions companies will not be able to handle the orders come this fall and then there will be panic. When the government will admit, with hems and hums, that there might be a problem....well, we better be prepared to help ourselves. Don't wait!

-- Nancy Capitan (capitann@student.eup.k12), May 25, 1999.

As the chairperson of the Pahrump Valley Emergency Service Board, I have received information months ago basically the same the story about DC covered. Pahrump Valley has been working on contingency plans for months and being in the high desert our greatest concern is lack of water. Art Bell (whose home is in Pahrump) has had on his program Gary North a number of times and slowly the word is getting out, although most of the goverment agencies are extremely slow on the uptake. Now is the time to prepare before the other 99% of the american population. Have learned not to be at the end of a buffet line, as all you may get are crumbs. Prepare now.

-- Gary J. Toll (, May 25, 1999.

I do not want to be a doomsayer, but I thinks DC is only the tip of the iceberg.

-- Javier Arenas (, May 25, 1999.

God instructs us to be prudent in our lives.It couldn't hurt if we prepare ourselves for any national disaster,-Y2K,TORNADO,HURRICANE OR STORM.The things we need to prepare can always help someone.

-- Tammy Bybee (, May 25, 1999.

I've been preaching "Information, Education, Preparation" for nearly two years. I have posted loads of free information at, and I recommend three simple preparedness steps:

(1) Prepare Spiritually (2) Prepare Physically (food, water, warmth) (3) Prepare Financially

If you don't prepare because you don't think Y2k is a big deal, then ask yourself what happens if you're wrong. If I'm wrong, so what.

-The Y2k Weatherman

-- The Y2k Weatherman (, May 25, 1999.

Someone mentioned a few "posts" ago that we should be prepared for tornado, storm, whatever as well as Y2K. I realized as I kept putting my groceries, canopeners and matches in the basement, that we also need to be prepared for nuclear fallout. Admitedly we wouldn't survive a direct hit, but what if some third-world country sets off a little one "over there" and we only have a few hours to get in a month's supply of groceries and plastic and duct tape to cover the basement windows. Esp. in light of our losing nuclear secrets to China who are mad at us over bombing their embassy in Belgrade. To be prepared for Y2K is to be prepared for this as well. One thing I've learned is to have small pieces of silver for barter (like silver dimes).

-- Judy VanEgdom (, May 25, 1999.

most of the information about y2k is 2nd or 3rd hand and the government in general has such a credability crisis it may not matter what they say. the biggest problem is the people, they chose to believe what they want to.regardless of the logic or facts If you look at all the indicators of production you will find out that we are maxed out already and people are bankrupting at a record pace. to believe that we can handle the currant load and take over the jobs done by computers is irrational even if the old equipment was still you can,t get past most voice mail systems now, where will the labor to answer even the phones come from even if the old swithboard can be used how do we fix the machines if we can,t even communicate. the question is not if there is a crisis the question is how bad is it.

-- john robinson (, May 25, 1999.

It's hard to start trusting God for B-I-G stuff when we haven't practised by trusting Him for the li'l stuff; but don't do NOthing, just because you can't do EVERYthing. I eat MY "elephants" one-bite- at-a-time - and I am preparing for y2k (the BIG earthquake, a tsunami, WHATever) the same way: a roll of coins here, a box of cereal there, a bottle of water someplace else.... And, for sure, a little extra attention to being prayed-up, praised-up and up-to-speed with forgiveness - even as I continue to remember the song that says, "He didn't bring us this far to leave us...."

-- Zeller Westabrook (, May 25, 1999.

Y2K is not about your P.C.! Americans are so trusting in our lifestyles that we ASSUME everything we need will always be available. Talk to your elders that lived through the Great Depression. I'll bet that they never anticipated the fall of the stock market, banks losing their money or food shortages then either. I imagine they would have been grateful to have had a surplus of food and daily supplies!Food security is not just about Y2K. The crops we do have are being grown on depleted soil and many are now being genetically altered(thank you Monsanto & Dupont), USDA's terminator/hybrid seeds make it impossible to harvest seed from your garden,plus we may be entering a World War! Why would you even RISK having a lack of supplies? Even if ALL systems in the farming, trucking, processing, packaging, storage and railroads in our country were compliant, we are still dependent on good from other countries! 70% of our fuel is imported! Beyond that is the issue of 25 billion embedded chips! Machine and valve controls in underground natural gas pipelines, oil refineries, sewer systems, satallites,chemical plants,even oil tanks underneath the ocean floor depend upon these chips! I am in the bulk grain business and we use our grains to set up fundraisers for organizations in order to encourage early preparation. I am also on the City of Austin Y2K action committee, and believe me, the hardest thing about Y2K is the complacent attitudes of the masses! People with children who will go hungry because their parents are in denial. Wake Up! Educate yourselves and start praparing ASAP! If everyone would prepare the emergency would not be quite as difficult. You are lucky to have advance notice!

-- Cristal Allen (, May 25, 1999.

Congratulation 60 Minutes!

Finally a nationally aired program that addresses the issue at hand. I have been following Y2K for the last eighteen months and have watched as our government downplays it. We see churches and ministries try and help get the word out for people to prepare and prepare for months not days. We have watched FEMA put this 'hot potatoe' in the hands of the states, then how the state sent it to the counties and the counties down to the local level and in our county, only four or five local municipalaties are doing anything about it.

As one of the lone voices crying out to prepare, we see that few listen, most don't care and those that do care will be the best prepared. Then what do we do with those that do nothing?

We pray that this will be a small ordeal but I doubt it will be. With reports coming in, especially overseas, this will hurt our economy as well. As your program gave credit to Mary Ellen Hanley, she is right on target. It seems that after speaking up before she was given some type of repremanding but someone in her position of knowledge, she was not replaceable as many are in todays society and workplace.

Thank you Mary Ellen...

We have our seminars ready. We have spoken to groups, churches and individuals as well. One local township in New Jersey, Washington Township whose mayor is also a New Jersey State Assemblyman, Dr. Gerald Luongo, had enough insight to offer the public an evening of information on Y2K. Included were representatives from the local Police Department, local and county Office of Emergency Management, electric, gas, post office and others. I spoke on eing prepared. We expected between 1,000 to 2,000 people, we saw about 40 people show up.

I'm afraid that come September/October 1999 the one things no one wants to see, the panic. When people finally realize that time is almost up and they are not prepared.

Again, thank you for an excellent program and for airing it as well.

Michael P Hickman, Sr. Care & Share Ministries, Inc. 1298 Morgan Road Williamstown, NJ 08094 (609) 875-7083 FAX 629-2189

-- Michael Hickman, Sr. (, May 25, 1999.

The answer lies somewhere between personal preparedness and community preparedness. For personal preparedness, I've tried to determine what I would need to stay relatively comfortable for about a month in the dead of winter.Then what I might need if I needed to provide for my extended family and close friends.Given my resources,I will come close to my goal, but probably not all the way. For community preparedness, I'm searching now to hook up with like- minded people, churchgroups, redcross, etc. to see what we can do as a community to prepare for ANY emergency, not just Y2K. And thirdly, I'm renewing my personal relationship with my higher power, which I choose to call GOD. I have determined that whatever happens, there is a reason, and I surely have a place in it, and not to assume that I know what that is. And I also believe that we're here in part to help eachother, so I hope to be able to do some of that,too. We'll all make it OK if we don't get too selfish or greedy or don't prepare at all, and help eachother just a little bit. That's my Y2K cent's worth.

-- Douglas White (, May 26, 1999.

I missed the special, largely because I thought it would be riddled with governmental and industry representatives downplaying the likelihood of failures. For almost a year I have seen Government representatives advising preparations akin to those which one would make in anticipation of a "severe winter storm, or a hurricane" ie:"several days supply of food and water". If I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that a hurricane would strike, I'd pack up and leave. I haven't seen hurricane victims made whole in a few days or a week. What if the hurricane hit the whole U.S., and the outside help didn't come? Imagine what might happen if the welfare checks failed to go out. What would those people do if they couldn't feed their kids? Think about it. Our whole way of life is dependant on a very fragile, interleaved system. Be prepared or suffer the consequences. The government won't do it for you, even if you are a Democrat; your neighbors probably won't either. Bill Clinton and company certainly won't. Wake up America! Think more and be indoctrinated less.Interest rates are on the rise,the Bull is nervously Bear,inflation is on the rise, wars are more likely daily. Prepare! If you're prepared and nothing happens, you'll have a 10 year supply of tuna fish.If you're not prepared and the worst happens, you'll have a new perspective on your new way of life.

-- Tom Grant (, May 26, 1999.

Yes, I believe we must prepare not only for ourselves but our neighbors as well. Beginning in June, I will start purchasing different items in preparation for the unknown. God has given us common sense and it behooves us to use it. The majority of "experts" believe that Y2K will be at least an inconvenience or disruption in the world as we now know it. Please everyone, start preparing. Err on the side of conservatism not ignorance. As the scriptures tell us, God will do nothing except He first let His prophets know. Most major churches are preparing, please do your part and "act" on the information that is being shared.

-- Denita Miller (, May 26, 1999.

The greatest thing to overcome is inertia. Not just the inertia of an object at rest but the inertia of doing nothing. Taking action will ward off fear and panic. The fact that the "people who know" or are "in charge" minimize preparedness will be what contributes to panic this year. People will feel lied to and cheated by those who should have been very strong in encouraging folks to be prepared. Having personally met some people that have made preparedness a way of life I have seen their frustration with the inertia of doing nothing. Denial, lack of preparation and complacency all will lead to suffering and hardship. All unnecessary. God help us to speak boldly and be heard. Get ready. First make your heart and mind and life right with God and then prepare for the worst and hope for the best and God who is able to provide all you need will supply from all His riches. May the Lord be with you as you seek His face and follow His ways. Jesus is Lord!

-- Linda (, May 26, 1999.

God says in his word that he will use the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. How foolish is the absence of two digits.It is so foolish that it has taken very little effort for the Goverment to get away with downplaying the severity of this potential and probable desaster to the point of laughter from most unbelievers. God has clearly told me to prepare for a disaster. He has said though Y2K will be a problem the much bigger problem looms in the darkness waiting for it's opportunity to strike. I believe Y2K could be the vehical that ushers in the New World Order and the Antichrist. Lord I pray for those who aren't ready and who don't know you and I pray Lord that I am wrong. In His Grace, Larry

-- Lawrence W. Melvin (, May 26, 1999.

I think that even if the system does not fail, that the goverment would do something like this, just to put the world back into there hands. They will show the biggest profit from all of this post y2k scare, not your average person on the street. I pray to god that all of this is very wrong, and if not, then only the strong will survive...

-- Michael J Makofske (, May 26, 1999.

I believe that everyone should stock up on the basic necessities that they use month to month. I also believe that they should have a basic survival book and a first aid book. Everything you buy or stock up on can be used whether there is an emergency or not. Why put yourself or your family at risk by not having extra supplies? Everyone should prepare to the best of their ability and trust in the Lord to take care of the rest. I pray that everyone will use common sense, not panic, have mercy and compassion, love and help others. If there is a disaster (of any kind) and we all do these things, it would make for a much better situation. Every one of you would have your chance to be someones hero. May God Bless you all. Thank you.

-- Jeanna Ann Bauer (, May 27, 1999.

I know that "God our Lord Jesus" is coming, it may not be tonight or tommorrow or the next day or the next but then again it very well could be! The scriptures ask us to ask ourselves are we prepared to meet our creator.! Let us open our eyes "we see through a glass darkly" and see the signs of the times exactly how it is written! Jer 50,51;Rev 17,18;Isa

-- Stacey Lenzmeier (, May 28, 1999.

I regret not having seen the program on 60 Minutes. But, I am glad that the media is finally giving some time to examine the Y2K problem. The problem should be taken very seriously. It is time for us to stockpile food and other items that we use everyday. It is also time for people to start forming communities for both support and communications. There may come a time when we would be unable to communicate through our commputers and it is possible that news will spread a great deal more slowly. So, it is about time that we start sharing with others around us instead of having an over- dependence on our computers for communications. We do not know if we will be able to use our computers for communicating as of Jan. 1, 2000. We should start preparing now before panic sets in.

-- Marge Haller (, May 29, 1999.

Thanks for the 60 Minutes Transcript, thank God, the public is starting to believe, I have been following various websites for the last 18 months and trying to alert my family and friends on the consequences of y2k. Most of them don't believe any of it, and label me as a kook. Our local ministerial alliance have monthly meetings and discuss y2k and conclude that THE GOOD OLE USA is o.k. but the rest of the world is in serious trouble. Why can't they realize that the problem is systemic,and we are all interdependent with other countries? If imports and exports of food, fuel, and medicine is stopped we will all suffer greatly. Most of our insulin and other medical ingredients is imported from overseas, will our family and friends die from lack of essential medicine? I say it's time to buy LIVING INSURANCE,such as FOOD, WATER, VITAMINS, MEDICINE, FUEL,AND DAILY HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES. Everyone buys home, auto,health and life insurance,they don't get upset if their house doesn't burn down, or they don't wreck their car, or don't get cancer, do they? GET PREPARED, GET LIVING INSURANCE FOR THE UNKNOWN FUTURE!!!!!Don't be like the 5 foolish virgins and not have oil in your lamps. Matthew 25. For those of you who are beginning to just wake up to y2k, is by far the best website, also,and for world events you should be aware of, as well as this site

Joyce Cotton ( May 29,1999

-- Joyce Cotton (, May 30, 1999.

At the Discussion Forum I use ( someone posted the 60 Minutes transcript link at "". I watched the show but enjoyed the transcript. I also enjoyed the posts that followed. If you need information on Y2K preparation specifics, provided by people just like you, visit the unofficial archive of valuable posts from this Y2K Food Forum at my site: -you will note no advertisement banners, sponsors, etc...just Y2K preparation information. We welcome you to either site. Sincerely, Cyberfind.

-- Cyberfind (, May 30, 1999.

I'm a MCpl. in the Canadian Armed Forces in Supply and the Army has been preparing for Y2K for about a year now. Almost all our systems have been certified and beginning in September ALL members of the Forces are going through Y2K training...even the reserves. The training includes survival, emergency procedures, first-aid, communications, riot suppression. As well each Armory in the country is being sent 1.2 million dollars of emergency supplies.

Whatever happens the army will be prepared to help.

-- Rydag99 (, May 31, 1999.

At last ! America wakes up ! These are the signs of the last days as proclaimed by God Word. This is a great time to put faith into action. Store up extra to help your neighbors. It's a great opportunity to lead others to faith in Christ. Maybe this is the jolt we need to bring America back to Bible and the high standards America was founded on. Have a small site up on Y2K with a few good and informative links. God bless you all.

-- Valerie Kajiwara (, June 01, 1999.

Dear 60 Minutes,

Thank the Lord that your program finally opened the curtain to what is really going on. Too many people have been lulled into a false sense of security because of the lack of any real investigative reporting by the media, both newspaper & TV. The internet has so much information and it takes a lot of time to weed through, indeed it spans everything from Survivalist to Naysayers. Most of us do not have the time to read it all but we should all try to educate ourselves so you can make your decisions based on facts.

What I tell others when Y2K is discussed is "Do you really believe that Fortune 500 Companies would be spending Billions of dollars of their earnings to repair a NON-PROBLEM". What really should be our major concern is there is no third party accounting when an orginazation or company says they are Y2K Compliant or will be soon. This goes for Goverment, Utilities and the Private Sector.

This is not a PC problem! This problem has the potential to cause major havoc to the very basics of life; food, shelter, warmth, medical, security & transportation for starters.

I hope that 60 Minutes will continue reporting and that the media will stop putting their heads in the sand.

Most Sincerely,


-- Linda Margetta (, June 02, 1999.

I was relieved that there was finally an awareness brought to the service by a reputable news magazine. I have been researching y2k since late February. I am a teacher in tennessee and I have begun taking advantage of all of the 2 liter bottles available at the end of the year parties. For the longest time, I was walking on needles when I wanted to mention y2k with my husband. When I finally had enough and told him what I was concerned about, it turned out he had been thinking of an alternate cooking source and stockpiling canned food. He realized I was going to start saving water, but when the bottles were coming in by the 20s, he would just let me wash them, but really be thinking I am taking this too seriously since we live in "rural Tennessee." I have tried to make my minister aware of this crisis, but he is not finding the time to read the book I gave him The Millennium Bug The Balanced Christian Response. I am also trying to get neighbors to work together by annonymously having a sign with this e-mail address at our park. I have to be extremely careful what I do out in the open around here because I wasn't born here and I am an outsider and my husband feels show up and shut up is the best way. I even bought some shirts which say y2k denial since 1958 and my husband about went crazy even thinking that I would wear it. I am so very sick of this. I am having to find very creative ways to even get my own y2k effective preparation done without disheveling our precious community that insists on staying ignorant. Again, I am glad that this show aired, it is about time!

-- Mrsy2k (, June 02, 1999.

As a Christian, I have been praying and preparing for Y2K for about a year and a half. Though God has not shown me "exactly" what will happen (As much as we would love to know), He has shown me different things that really center around His faithfulness and power. The Lord showed me that it will be just like "the fishes and the loaves". God doesn't want us to go insane- and worry about stock piling enough food. Even if the worst happened, Christians could never stock pile enough food and water. Why? Because even if I stored enough food to last 4 people for one month- that wouldn't last so much as a day if all of my friends and neighbors were left without food. Now even though I hope to prepare everyone that I know, I cannot force them to do so. But God, in His glorious mercy and power, will make water flow continuously from jugs, and will multiply the food. The answer is all in His word. When He sent famine, or when there was not enough food, did He allow His people to starve? By no means! Whether He sent manna to the Isrealites, sent bread from crows, or multiplied fish and bread, the bottom line is that when food was needed- HE ALWAYS PROVIDED! As I have prayed about this question, God has always shown these things in His word, to me. But beyond reading about it, last week, God called me to fast for 7 days (No food- only water). I really wanted to pray about what was going to happen. But God, instead, decided to show me what it would be like should there be no food. A miraculous thing took place. Unlike other fasts, I was neither hungry, nor had any signs of not eating. Instead of being tired and weak, I got stronger; had about 4 times the energy that I normally did, and was able to take on tasks that I normally could not do. I also found myself needing about half of the sleep that I normally would. I experienced NONE of the normal symptoms associated with fasting. NONE! In fact, I never felt better! So what did it all mean. Simple! When there is little or no food, God will supernaturally feed and supply our nutritional needs.

And while I prayed during the fast, God again showed me that that is how it will be! So, fear not! If this little testimony can encourage any of you, let it do so. Use wisdom. Stock up, prepare, and PRAY! In fact, start with PRAYER! But don't fear. For "God will supply ALL OUR NEEDS according to His riches in Christ." He is able to do immeasurably more than anything we could ever think or ask. Instead, let us be ready to do His work during this time and minister to the many who will need help. Let us try to see this as one of the greatest opportunities to share the gospel.

Have any of you had the same experience as I with fasting about the Y2K?

-- Brian Haggerty (, June 03, 1999.

It is not by accident that 60 minutes aired this Y2K program when it did. Everything is done in God's timing and God wants His people warned in advance of the coming problems. The Lord has spoken to my heart that this will be a time of judgement on America. For far too long this country has looked away from our Creator and engaged in every imaginable abomination in the Lord's eyes. We, as a nation, have sinned greater than Sodom and Gomorrah ever did. God destroyed them. Do we think we will escape His wrath? Our God is a God of love; but He is also a God of judgement. He loves us all, but He also loves us enough not to leave us as we are. Sometimes in this life tragedy is the only thing to wake someone up enough to look up and know that there is a God who waits for His children patiently to turn their eyes towards home. It wasn't until my oldest child, our firstborn son, was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 3 1/2 yrs that I cried out to Heaven and called on my Savior whom I had forsaken. My family and career consumed all of my time and I thought I did not need God. I had plenty of money, friends, and we were healthy. Then one day I woke up to find my world had fallen apart. My precious Nicholas was dying and I, a Registered Nurse, had no control over this disease or the devastateing effects it would leave behind for us to deal with long after we buried our precious sweet child shortly after his fourth birthday.

I know how devastation can cause us to wake up and hold on to the only thing that really matters: Our God, Our Lord and Savior. I have been feeling that God will be waiting for His children when they stumble and fall as we enter the next year. Let us all be prepared so that we can use it as a great time of ministry and to be be prepared to join the Lord in the fields ripe for harvest. Listen as he speaks to you and I pray we will be obedeient to the call. Y2K can be seen as a time of rejoicing if we are ready to assist our God. When America falls to her knees, we as Christians must be ready to show the love of God; be it through a gallon of water, a jar of peanut butter, a smile, a hug. We just don't know what will be needed until the time arises. What a great time to come alongside God and join Him in this exciting time in history that has been planned and will come in to play "in the fullnes of time." We, as the body of Christ, are being raised up for an hour such as this. Please read the WORD and PRAY, then be willing to be obedient to do whatever God asks of you. Salvation is waiting for many, for when we are our weakest, He is His strongest, and many will find themselves humbled through all God has planned for His world in the new Millenium. He wants back what the enemy has stolen. As soldiers in the Lord's army, we must be preprared to follow the Captain of the Hosts into battle for the salvation of many. It is not God's will that any man perish. Are you prepared to fight our ancient foe, Satan, for the souls of our fellow countrymen? We don't have much time left to prepare. I feel Y2K is our last chance before tribulation. And just as God told Joshua before the Israelites went in to conquer the Promised Land, "Be strong and of good courage for the Lord your God is with you." Rejoice my friends, for as we unite, this will become a great and mighty victorious time for the Kingdom. God is seeking willing hearts. Are you one of them? Are you ready? The trumpet shall soon be blown. Halleluia!!!!!!! Jesus Christ is Lord and reigns on high!!! May the Lord Bless and guide you; giving you wisdom, discernment, revelation, and the peace that passes all understanding.

-- Carla Arnold (, June 04, 1999.

All kidding aside, the govt. knows what is going to happen. the govt controls our system. even if the worlds data systems are all up and running as they should by the yr 2000, dont you think that the govt body will make such an action happen? why not! they have all to gain, and nothing to loose. after all, the world population filled with over population, killer disese, and famine. this action of shutting down the most populated cities to the point of starvation would then make them take control and do as they need to. i read an article from gary north's web page a while back stating: the govt would round up all the colored, hispanice, and people who are against govt control, and take care of them as they see fit.this was a quote from a govt statement on garys web page.

-- Michael J Makofske Sr (, June 06, 1999.

I am so encouraged to read the many responses from my fellow believers; I feel much less alone now. We in northern Minnesota are dealing with the same things as so many of you: unprepared governments, a post-Christian culture, people in denial, busy pastors, and a life-threatening climate. But: God has not required that we be succesful, He only asks us to be faithful. We must each do what we can. Some can do more than others...that's okay; do what you can.But do it. I look forward so much to meeting you someday! remember that quip that was around sometime ago (I'm going to show my age now!) "See you there or in the air!"

-- Kris Anderson (, June 08, 1999.

Thank you 60 minutes. I did not see the program and now I wish I had. It is very encouraging to know that there are a few individuals with the courage to present the truth to the American people. We have been preparing here in east Texas since September of 1998. There are still so many people who have no clue about "Y2K" and who are not prepared in any form or fashion. It would be wonderful if you would consider re-airing the show in hopes that maybe a few more eyes would be opened. Your honesty and determination to present the truth is refreshing in the world of "deceptive journalism" today.

-- H Perkins (, June 11, 1999.

As a 20 year employee of a telecommunications company, I know where the Y2K breakdown will begin. Without commercially provided electrical power, the fiber optic cable in the ground will not transmit the data signals from ANY computer, whether Y2K compliant or not. Without a continual supply of fuel for the backup generators, following a commercial power failure, the offices in the larger cities cannot maintain power to the fiber much longer than a week. Rural areas will transmit on batteries about four days before the fiber transmissions between large cities stop. As the data and voice transmissions over fiber optic cables begin to fail, a domino effect failure of all industries dependent upon data transmission and voice communication will begin. Put another way, you can replace all your lightbulbs in your house or business with new bulbs, but if you have no electricity to power them, you have no light, no matter that the bulbs were new. If the power providers aren't 100% Y2K compliant, data and voice transmissions over fiber optic cables could cease. Pray for the continuance of electric power after January 1, 2000.

-- Gloria McConnell (, June 12, 1999.

I am ridiculed on a daily basis by those who refuse to believe, so I've given up trying to convince them. When it all comes down to the nitty-gritty, I figure it this way:

If I'm totally, completely and undeniably wrong about the horrific impact of the Y2K crisis, the worst thing that will happen to my family is that we will have a delightfully stocked pantry for all of next year. If I'm right... the children of those who mocked me will be going to bed hungry every night solely due to the folly and ignorance of their parents.

Either way, will it be preparers like me or will it be the naysayers who will come out on top of this crisis? You do the math...

-- Claudia Guertin (, June 17, 1999.

Missed the airing but am thankful for the transcript.My thoughts leap forward to the spring of 2000. If things in the inner cities are as bad as it looks,then cities like New York will become Mauseleum cemetaries of immense proportions.Southern states will be overrun by REFUGEES fleeing to warmer climates. God save America.

-- Richard Blaisdell (, June 17, 1999.

Although I did not get to see the 60 MINUTES segmet, I am glad that somebody has finally shown the truth to the public about y2k. Face it, many companies are not going to have compliant systems by the end of this year. The time to start preparing is now. I was once a Boy Scout. What's their motto? "Be prepared." I am now an insurance salesman. There's no better insurance investment now than supplying yourselves with the necessary items. Hey, even if life goes on as normal on Jan. 1 and beyond, you'll still be able to use most, if not all, of the supplies you store away now. One can also see similarities of our time period with that in the Old Testament when Joseph was shown by the Lord that there would be seven years of famine after seven years of plenty. Joseph was given wisdom by God to store away food now to use later. It is NOW time to prepare! Even though I may not agree with everything in Michael Hyatt's book, "The Y2K Personal Survival Guide", I picked up several excellent ideas for how to prepare my family. Also, do not underestimate the need to prepare spiritually. God is giving us a wake-up call. He is knocking on your heart and our country's heart. Are you ready to answer? Are you willing to let him in? I pray that you are.

-- Howard Schomer (, June 18, 1999.

I live in Mississippi,gulf coast area, and we are totally insulated here in ignorance of y2k...i have also approached friends and neighbors about stocking up on essentials with the same response most of you have been receiving...some offers of commitment to whitfied the local nut house...but i will also begin stocking my pantry with canned foods for at least a year and continue to expand my connections to learn what else is neccessary to ensure my familys well being...i love this country but i am sickened by the waste and indiffernt attitude of the government to its citizens well being...try to go to your representatives office and speak with him about any get the polite(sometimes)secretary who patronises you with stock answers of why he or she cant really see you but ill tell them im sure hes interested in your input...back in the days of our forefathers they revolted and formed this govenment for a lot less than they are cramming down the throat of all of us at the moment...i just wonder how much longer the problems and injustice will continue until someone will take matters into ther own hands and God help us all good ole boys in washington better wake up and smell the cappacino...y2k is the tip of the proverbial iceberg...will the last one out please turn off the lights? there must be some middle ground here...i dont do well in the cold...nuclear winter scares the hell out of me...

-- Cindy Mcbeth (, June 20, 1999.

Aware since 1997 - moved my family to a more secure location. Provisions made. Extended family refuses to be educated to the possibilities, refuse to read for themselves and to make logical conclusions. Need more shows such as this one. Thanks 60 minutes. We are now in the stage of purchasing additional supplies to insure safety for our extended family and community. God bless you all.

-- Y2kwise Altert (, June 21, 1999.

Y2K IS DEADLY. see this speech at "essays"

also there, print out "The Y2K Scarcity 100" (Items to Disappear First During the Panic of 1999)

200,000 have been offset printed and are being distributed during the next 6 weeks.

For free copies in bulk, call or email me. Free to churches, civic groups, non-profit organizations and Boy Scout Troops.

Contact: Joseph Almond at (616) 780-4536

-- Joseph Almond (, June 22, 1999.

Y2K IS DEADLY! See this speech at "essays"

also there, print out "The Y2K Scarcity 100" (Items to Disappear First During the Panic of 1999)

200,000 have been offset printed and are being distributed during the next 6 weeks.

For free copies in bulk, call or email me. Free to churches, civic groups, non-profit organizations and Boy Scout Troops.

Contact: Joseph Almond at (616) 780-4536

-- Joseph Almond (, June 22, 1999.

We applaud 60 Minutes for being one of the few in the media industry who are willing to speak up concerning this issue. My husband and I have conducted a series of seminars across the US and Canada to assist families preparing for "perilous times". As parents of a large family of children in various stages of dependency, from a newborn to a young man of nearly 17, we have specifically addressed the needs and concerns of children facing this crisis and have some insights which we would like to share. #1. Re-evaluate the educational priorities for your family- All parents are home-educators, some part time (as in the case of public and private school families), some full time. Take some time to focus on "back to basics" skills such as first aid, out doorsmanship, gardening, basic survival and simple living skills. #2. Build Family Teamwork - the peer groups and the social events are not going to be available in a disaster situation. It would be far more beneficial to build interpersonal relationships within the family unit for the accomplishment of reasonable preparedness goals. Preparedness for an event like this is a huge job and responsibility. My son has no time to waste at Burger King either hanging out or flipping burgers. #3.Focus on Character Building- The same siblings who are now permitted to squabble over who has the biggest cookie may need to give the last bite of their food to a hungry toddler. Now is the time to teach courage, compassion, and unselfishness. #4.Begin to sharply curtail overindulgence- In times of difficulty, you will not want your child to parade his new Nikes. Nor will you be able to provide for a never ending greed for new computer games, bicycles, American Girl dolls,... Children need to learn resourcefulness and contentment. Try providing them with more real tools and fewer toys. Take their practical gifts and abilities seriously and invest in their training and equipment. We have a 6 year old who began weaving 2 years ago. By next year she will have a full heddle loom of her own. This is a great USEFUL outlet of creativity. #5. Build strong spiritual foundations in your children-You cannot protect them from the future, you can only equip them for it. Memorize large passages of Scripture as a family. Individual verses are easily taken out of context and twisted by false or ignorant leaders. Learn the old hymns and the circumstances under which they were written. We are not the first generation to face perilous times and our children would do well to learn of the "Faith of Our Fathers, living still ... inspite of dungeon, fire, and sword". Read courage building biographies together, such as The Hiding Place - the story of Corrie Ten Boom, or Deitrich Bonhoffer, the Troyer family, Jim Elliot, Early Church martyrs. Give your children something big enough to live for , or if necessary, die for.

It is our concern that this may be the least prepared generation or culture in the world to face a crisis of this magnitude. It will require a complete turnabout for many parents to properly prepare their children for the perilous times in our future. Aren't they worth it?

-- Robin Brashear (, June 23, 1999.

I watched the 60 Minutes program and suddenly the optimism that i had been feeling vanished into thin air. I had been breathing a little easier of late but no more. Once more i am filling water bottles and buying extra food. Also told my husband i want to buy wood before prices go haywire or no wood can be found. Most of the houses in my neighborhood have fireplaces but what about everyone else in town? Civil unrest has to be my largest concern as my hubby thinks that if it last longer than 2 weeks, its all over. Civil unrest will take over and then God help us all. The LOrd bless and keep you all.

-- Rebecca C. Grove (, June 24, 1999.

Thank you 60 Minutes for starting to open peoples eyes to the chasm we are all rapidly approaching. But please don't stop now. You touched on a few of the looming dangers, but you missed others. For example, oil is the LCD (Least Common Denominator) of our economy. Last I heard we get at least 50% of ours from foreign sources. All of whom are way behind in Y2K prep. Even if our wells keep pumping and our refineries keep refining, we're looking at a 50% decrease in our supply of oil. If the American oil industry has problems it will only get worse. With no oil everything stops. No trains, no trucks, no planes, no cars. Throw in the businesses that need oil to run their machines, heat their raw materials, etc. Get the idea that things could get awfully serious just because of the potential oil problems? So please dig deeper. Try to give the American pople the clearest possible picture. If you do that then maybe, just maybe, enough people will be ready so that the nation doesn't slide into anarchy.

-- Rick Cox (, July 01, 1999.

No answer to the apathy and ignorance I'm seeing in my neighborhood. After trying to generate a dialog among neighbors on both sides of my street by buying & distributing a Y2K pamphlet (from UTNE Reader), setting a time & place for a meeting of the 41 possible attendees, and personally talking with at least one member of each household, and having 5 show up for the first meeting & ZERO show for the alternate date,I havetaken my adult son's advice and have continued to prepare unobtrusively, hopefully, and continue to converse with neighbors as if they're right and somehow it will all come out all right in the end. My son, whom I believe, said I would be exposing myself to those who fail to prepare as a source of supply for any who would remember that I was likely to be prepared. I had considered 'leading by example' and continuing to advise all to lay in extra supplies they would be able to use regardless of events during the ensuing year, but as I live alone, am pushing 80 (yes , there were some skinny meals for awhile in the '30s), and generally non-combative in nature, I have decided to keep a low profile from here on and be as discreet as possible, also. There are some other old birds on the block as well as 3 widows and 14 children. I'll keep my eyes & ears open and my mouth shut and see how things develop. I remember the fate of the goose that laid golden eggs, so I anticipate having to balance sharing with obscurity should there be need for some to be helped who have no way to provide for themselves at this time. DAP

-- Dudley A. Poe (, July 28, 1999.

I have copied this transcript and passed it on to many people in an effort to raise awareness of the Y2K issue and the possible impacts it may have. With only one exception the response has been a resounding, "Big deal". The idea that so many people can so totally disconnect in the face of the evidence is an overwhelming thing. Rome is burning, Nero. Quit fiddling around.

Thanks to 60 Minutes and your board for providing the information. At least I can sleep nights knowing that I attempted to let those near and dear to me know there was a clear and present danger, regardless of the actual outcome at the turn of the clock.

-- Arne O. Sandness (, August 06, 1999.


-- MICHAEL J MAKOFSKE SR (, August 10, 1999.


-- Dorothy C. Rayner (, August 28, 1999.

Unfortunely I didn't view the 60 minutes show. I have been aware of Y2k since June of 98 and have been preparing for it. I buy a few extra canned items and things when I go shopping. They have really added up. My neighborhood was hit by the f5 torando on May 3rd. We did not recieve any damage or even lose power.Thank God. But at least I would of been prepared thanks to y2k. I had just installed a hand pump on a water well! Preparing for y2k is not a waste of time or money for everything will be used sooner or later. IF nothing happens, (y2k) I'm at least prepared for bad weather and other unexpected events. Also May 3rd showed how people really do care about each other. I pray that the same careing and support will be around come Y2k. May God Bless each and everyone of you!

-- Tamera Dorris (, August 29, 1999.

I wasnt able to see the full 60 minutes report on Y2k but I did catch some and I have read all that is posted. I am totaly amazed at some peoples Idea's to save themselves and there family, should such a disaster happen. I have always believed that God provides for his family in every way. But I also belive that God tells us how to provide for our ownself in times of disaster. I live here on the Gulf Coast and I was taught from an early age to prepare for disasters that a hurricane can cause to us folks here. Each and every year me and my family, which includes my own sons !! Stock pile in case of an emergancy. I always seem to get a kick out of watching people scurry here and there in a grocery store buying emergancy supplies. Yes I am ready in case of any problems or disasters. Are you ready, I do hope and pray that nothing seriously happens to our lives at the stroke of midnight come the year 2000. But if it does, I know that my family is ready and that our heavenly father will be watching from above to guide us to help the unfortuant. Be prepared !!! Spiritually, financially, physically,and emotionally.

-- Wendy (, September 10, 1999.

Wish I had seen the broadcast. If anyone in my local community here in central Florida saw it, they sure are preparing quietly. I can't see that even the Churches around here are concerned. I wonder why we haven't seen more programs like that? I guess putting out the truth at this late date would create a panic rather than preparedness. Headline in Thursday's Orlando Sentinel (9,9,99) Business section was "Economists do the math - New methods of calculation will give the economy a lift". Things like this I see every day just verify we need to do a better job of putting our trust in God, just like it says on our money! As you prepare, don,t underestimate the importance of spiritual preparation - I know my faith needs a lot of bolstering.

-- Bruce Jaggers (, September 11, 1999.

You people want some examples of unawareness and denial. One of my college professors said, "Well most people have NEWER computers anyway!" Never mind about the mainframes and embedded computer chips that really run our world. Another one said, "Well the FDIC insures your money up to $100,000. How many of us have that much money in the bank? So don't worry about it." She said this as if a person could walk into a y2k crashed bank and say, "Hey I had $50,000 in my account and the FDIC says that its insured, so give me my money!" These are examples of how most people just don't see the big picture when it comes to Y2K. If Bank of America's systems fail and they don't know who is a member or how much money they have in an account, each member would have to file a claim. Then they would have to somehow prove that they actually are a member and that they actually have "2,176.32" in an account by showing hard copy bank records or something (which is the real reason why they recommend that you do this anyway). I'm guessing that this bank has many thousands of members, and a person filing a claim better hope that they are one of the first in line because it could take YEARS before a person finally gets their money. But the banking system is built on a lie that says that you can have access to all of your money whenever you want it. This is why they are really afraid of bank runs because they know that there isn't enough cash. Have any of you seen or heard the bank ads that say, "We are Y2K ready and we have contingency plans in place!" This is kind laughable. Would you buy a used car from me if I said, "This car is in great shape and perfect condition, but if it breaks down and leaves you stranded, you can bring it back." I didn't think you buy would buy the car. The unawareness and denial reminds me of an old saying, "Some people won't believe a flood is coming until they are waist-deep in water!"

-- Michael Price (, September 11, 1999.


We here are preparing for our family with enough to also help others. We also feel this would be a perfect time to hand out a bowl of soup and share the word of Jesus Christ with those in need. Perhaps this is the great revieval spoken of in the Bible.

Many I fear though will perish when this whole thing comes down in a few months. As the people will be in a panic as well as grabbing what ever and probably whoever they can to survive.

Too many people feel that all is right with world and the government will take care of everything, boy are they in for a huge surprize!

The lost will go along with what ever the government will demand like sheep to slaughter, remember it worked for Hitler why not for Clinton.

May God open your eyes and hearts quickly.


-- John Nicholas (, September 15, 1999.

I will put into 2 words... Thank You,

That is what I need to make my point.

-- Laurence Bierner (, October 25, 1999.

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