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*Probabilities of Year 2000 Damages, Capers Jones

*The Aftermath of the year 2000 Problem, Capers Jones

*Official & complete 60 MINUTES Transcript

Senate Report, text version

Gary Beach Senate Testimony: Global Corporations & Their Exposure to Y2K

*U.S. Naval War College Year 2000 International Security Dimension Project Report

A Call To Action: National and Global Implications of the Year 2000 and Embedded Systems Crisis, A Working White Paper on Y2K, Paula D. Gordon, Ph.D.. Director of Special Projects,George Washington University

The Co-Intelligence Institute, Y2K: Is this Y2K problem for real?

The Y2K Nightmare, Vanity Fair, January 1999

*Y2K spawns army of bugs

Millennium Bug Lurks With Time Running Out. '99 A Game of Catch-Up

ComputerWorld headline: Study: 9% of all software still has Y2K errors

*Good Research Links for your Y2K investigations

Links to articles about corporate stockpiling

Public Relations Experts Preparing Y2K Spin-Doctoring

*Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Prevailing myths deter managers from debugging computers

List of Y2K Failures, Part 1

List of Y2K Failures, Part 2

List of Y2K Failures, Part 3

Y2K List of Failures Part 4

What the Experts Think; Statements of the Experts, Russ Kelly

Major Disasters Can Take Away Creature Comforts

The anatomy of Ice Storm 1998

Web site on January 5-9 1998 Ice Storm Montreal, Quebec

The Big Chill

*Cory Hamasaki's Current DC Y2K Weather Reports

*Bookmarks for Mark Frautschi

Power Grid

Utilities Say They're Y2K Ready, Though Blackouts Expected

Outages That Could Last Up To Several Weeks

Will Electricity Flow in the Year 2000? An Interview With Rick Cowles

*Bruce Webster's Initial Response to the SenateY2K Report

Dick Mills Y2K Power Prognosis, Westergaard Year 2000

Georgia Representative Says Federal Government Misrepresenting Y2K Status of Power Grid

Disaster Plans


FEMA readies for Y2K

*Cover-up of laggards continues

*FEMA left in the dark

*San Diego cops' special preparations, Officers told to get ready for family survival

FBI cancels leaves for Y2K

The plan for massive military mobilization: National Guard

National Guard's Big New Year's Eve Bash

Bad news on power grid National Guard, FEMA plan for major Y2K breakdowns

What the Guard is preparing for: Draft of tell-all Website reveals serious dislocation expected

Is the government hiding something? Y2K emergency officials disagree over source of crisis

What FEMA has in mind: Use of military as police force, population relocation

Government plans for the worst in Y2K, Consultant cites preparations for martial law

Whistleblower-consultant under fire, Michigan distances itself from Y2K policy critic

Emergency Planning, or Planning an Emergency?

Doomsday bunker vs.millennium bug

Maine Wants to Stockpile for Y2K


*Over 30% of Banks Admit Missing Y2K Deadline, Contradicting Government Assurances

*Nuclear systems could crash in 2000, study says

*Pentagon exaggerated Y2K readiness

*Social Insecurity?

Wired Articles, April, 1999


*Life in the Dark

*This is Not a Test

Roleigh Martin Articles

*Open Letter to Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura
Feedback on My Open Letter to Governor Jesse Ventura
The Year/2000 Embedded Systems Threat to Core Infrastructure Services
Why Is There So Much Risk In Year 2000 Embedded Systems Upgrades In Core Infrastructure?
*One Year 2000 Embedded Systems Expert In Core Infrastructures Speaks Out Anonymously
Governments and Utility Y2K Failure Warnings
Y2K, Utilities, and the Titanic

*Lane Core Articles

IEA, USS, GAO, DJN, NYT: Fear-Mongering, Panic-Baiting Y2K Money Grubbers?
Y2K Progress: Reality Check
The Disconnect Effect
On Schedule? Perhaps It Depends On What Your Definition of "On" Is
The Alliant Situation: Yet More Bizarre
FAA's Progress and Mission-Critical Systems

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The first link under "Lies" didn't work, and the second one is expired.

I'll try to remedy, and add a few more...

*Over 30% of Banks Admit Missing Y2K Deadline, Contradicting Government Assurances

*U ser beware -- Y2K compliance claims could be bogus

Interview on May 10 with Capers Jones - a MUST READ

Official word from County - prepare for 2 months

Oregonians: Clarification of Eugene's disaster laws

Official clarifies intent, powers of disaster law

Red Cross disaster planning

FEMA readies for the bug


-- mabel (, August 05, 1999.

"Duh 2000"

*Over 30% of Banks Admit Missing Y2K Deadline, Contradicting Government Assurances

-- mabel (, August 05, 1999.

GCN November 23, 1998, Nuclear systems could crash in 2000, study says
By Gregory Slabodkin, GCN Staff


The Defense Departments nuclear arsenal may be at greater risk from date code problems than DOD has publicly acknowledged, according to a report from the British American Security Information Council, an independent research organization.

Senior DOD officials, including deputy Defense secretary John Hamre, have consistently said that the Pentagon has given its nuclear stockpile and C2 systems the highest priority for year 2000 remediation. But BASICs report said date code fixes for nuclear command and control systems are far from complete. The Washington think tank analyzes and disseminates information on current security issues pertaining to Europe, Russia and the United States.

Michael Kraig, author of the report and a fellow at BASIC, cited statements made by Adm. Richard Mies, commander of U.S. Strategic Command, at a Sept. 25 DOD Year 2000 Steering Committee. Mies said that 11 mission critical STRATCOM systems were not fixed and that 12 additional systems were still in the testing phase, Kraig said.

Hamre has been saying publicly that all nuclear systems are fixed or are undergoing testing, but during the Sept. 25 meeting Adm. Mies made contradictory statements, Kraig said. According to the briefing slides, there are two unnamed command and control systems in particular that are still [unfixed] that could degrade communications.

Although the STRATCOM report is an unclassified document, the Joint Chiefs of Staff have blocked public access to the report on the year 2000 and nuclear command and control systems, Kraig said. BASIC has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain the report, he said.

This reluctance to provide information on project findings raises deep concerns about the ability of STRATCOM and the armed services to fix both the weapons themselves and the all-important support systems such as launch platforms, communications networks, logistics channels and safety systems, the BASIC report said.

-- mabel (, August 05, 1999.

Expired link on this one, too...

Yes, it's a little dated, but it's the principle which is relevant.

Categorize it under "Lies".

Is Y2K More Urgent Than Disclosed?, Yahoo!Finance, 2-9-1999
Marcy Gordon, AP Business Writer

A check of financial reports that publicly traded companies must submit to the SEC shows that many companies are still not complying with Year 2000 disclosure requirements, Lynn Turner said at a conference organized by the District of Columbia Bar Association.

He said more than half the companies in an unspecified sample failed to disclose how much it is costing them to get their computer systems ready for the millennial change, while close to half didnt describe their contingency plans in case the systems fail.

SEC officials also have said they will take enforcement action against companies that make materially false and misleading statements about Year 2000 readiness.

Asked about possible action against companies that fail to adequately disclose their readiness, Turner said he hoped that could be largely avoided by having the SEC ask the companies to voluntarily revise their reports with fuller information.

In October, the SEC charged 37 relatively small brokerage firms with failing to fully disclose their Year 2000 computer readiness, in the federal governments first major enforcement action related to the problem.

Many of the firms have agreed to settle the charges by promising to refrain from such violations in the future, being censured and paying civil fines ranging from $5,000 to $25,000, depending on their size. In settling the charges, the firms neither admitted nor denied wrongdoing.

-- mabel (, August 05, 1999.


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