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On books: The "end of the world" library
Stan Faryna asked a question about what I was reading. In a few spare moments, I tried to create a small end of the world library. Please feel free suggest additions, deletions or quibble with my reviews.

A Great Little Pocket Reference Guide
Temperature and wind chill conversions. World widearea codes. Airport codes. Wood screw specs.Concrete specs. Volume and surface area formulas. Friction loss in pipe. A useful addition to any library.

the best advice you will ever get
Subscribe to Countryside. Its the best $18 you will ever spend. And try and get the past y2k issues and try and buy ANY OLD ISSUES

Books that answer most of the HELP questions on this forum.
I suggest you have the following books in your how to library.

How can you get the book 'Survival Bartering" by Duncan Lon?
I am interested in finding the book "Survival Bartering" by Duncan Lon, which is published by Loompanics Unlimited (ISBN:0915179377).

A couple of good books to include in your library
Readers Digest.Back to the Basics. How To Learn and Enjoy Traditional American Skills....... Excellent coverage of everything from building your log home ,making rustic furniture, building a green house

In your preparations, what book do you refer to the most?
The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery.

Help with Ragnar Benson books, others?
Can someone give me a source for Benson books and any feedback?

Disappointed with V. Porlier Y2kBook
It did not seem to say much of anything new or unusual, with the minor exception (to me) of recommendations specific to apartment dwellers.

Bruce Webster's Y2K Survival Guide Book... opinions, please?
Just purchased this book over the weekend, and wonder if anyone else has read it. His scenario section is the one that I wonder about. He seems very optimistic to me.

-- Brian (imager@home.com), June 27, 1999

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