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Havent read it yet. (Thanks Declan).


Executive Order 13073 on Year 2000 Conversion

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-- Diane J. Squire (, June 14, 1999


Wrong link...

It's an amendment to this one.

Give me a mo while I get it ready for posting.


-- Diane J. Squire (, June 14, 1999.

Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release
June 14, 1999


- - - - - - -


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to create the Information Coordination Center to assist the Chair of the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion in addressing year 2000 conversion problems both domestically and internationally, it is hereby ordered that Executive Order 13073 is amended as follows:

Section 1. A new section 5 is added to the order and shall read "Sec. 5. Information Coordination Center. (a) To assist the Chair in the Y2K response duties included under section 2(c) of this order, there shall be established the Information Coordination Center (ICC) in the General Services Administration.

(b) At the direction of the Chair, the ICC will assist in making preparations for information sharing and coordination within the Federal Government and key components of the public and private sectors, coordinating agency assessments of Y2K emergencies that could have an adverse affect on U.S. interests at home and abroad, and, if necessary, assisting Federal agencies and the Chair in reconstitution processes where appropriate.

(c) The ICC will:

(1) consist of officials from executive agencies, designated by agency heads under subsection 3(a)(2) of this order, who have expertise in important management and technical areas, computer hardware, software or security systems, recon-stitution and recovery, and of additional personnel hired directly or by contract, as required, to carry out the duties described under section 5 of this order;

(2) work with the Council and the Office of Management and Budget to assure that Federal efforts to restore critical systems are coordinated with efforts managed by Federal agencies acting under existing emergency response authorities."

(d) The Chair of the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion shall designate a Director of the ICC.

Sec. 2. The preexisting section 5 of Executive Order 13073 shall be renumbered as section 6.


June 14, 1999.

-- Diane J. Squire (, June 14, 1999.

This is great! The Canadian Government did this nine months ago. Better late than never. I worry about the "international" supply lines :o)

This is the results so far for the Canadian contingency planning group.

*Canadians* The National Contingency Planning Group

-- Brian (, June 14, 1999.

Hmmmmm, Seems he's defiantely aware there is a problem even if he isn't talking about it.

-- Moore Dinty moore (, June 14, 1999.

That is precisely WHY he isn't talking about it....otherwise, we would all be forced to listen to President Flint speeches. He "hires" his Flints and Deckers to do his dirty work for him!

-- Will continue (, June 14, 1999.

Yep. Looks like we have turned the corner alright. All this fuss for a bump in the road. Guess they do this for winter storms too.

-- Mike Lang (, June 14, 1999.

LOL... Mike.


-- Diane J. Squire (, June 15, 1999.

I wonder how the Pollies are going to handle this one. Talk about hard information. What about this section --- "to assure that Federal efforts to restore critical systems". I wonder what the word "restore" means and I'd love to have a definition of "Critical Systems" Someone should start a new thread on this one, maybe I just will. Clinton lets cat out of bag, at last tells truth about Y2K

-- thinkIcan (, June 20, 1999.

Basically this just addresses the establishment of the "Information Coordination Center (ICC)" as part of the contingency plan.

Better asked is the question: Why establish a contingency plan if everything is alright? The answer to that question is the same reason you wear the seatbelt in your car - just in case. I have developed contingency planning strategies for a few different companies now and have been part of the planning committees for a good number more than that. Basically what we have addressed in these committees is "Storms, Tornadoes, Floods (misc acts of God), Chemical spills, fire, vandalism/terrorism and critical data loss or corruption" of/within the worksite(s). In all these companies I know of only one that had to activate the Contingency Plan. It didn't go off without a hitch, but the business was functional and we made repairs to the plan on the fly. Much of the same thing can be done if there is a bigger bump than expected in the Y2K contingency plans.

Yours in COBOL... Dino!

-- (, June 21, 1999.

See also...

Clinton's new Y2K Co-ordination office: ICC 000xlS

-- Diane J. Squire (, June 21, 1999.

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