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The National Contingency Planning Group has just put out a web site. Here is a bit of a sample. The link at the bottom is the standard for the Government risk management.
The National Contingency Planning Group (NCPG/GPNC) Introduction
The National Contingency Planning Group is working with federal departments, provinces and the private sector to help ensure that Canada is ready to deal with problems that may arise from the Year 2000 computer bug
The National Contingency Planning Group (NCPG/GPNC) Who we are
The NCPG consists of some110 public servants and military personnel with specialized skills in strategic planning, coordination, emergency civil protection, strategic policy and communications.
(NCPG/GPNC) Canada`s Critical Infrastructure: State of Year 2000 Readiness
At this stage, the assessment is generally encouraging about the readiness of Canada's critical infrastructure to meet the Year 2000 challenge.
***Risk Management and Contingency Planning Guide
The purpose of this document is to present a uniform and standardized set of business continuity activities for all departments to implement in order to facilitate the governments governance of the Year 2000 problem



-- Brian (imager@home.com), June 14, 1999


Thank you Brian, since this thread is empty I have an off topic question.

I can't seem to find any tuna in oil in BC, any comments?

-- Will (sibola@hotmail.com), June 14, 1999.

Tuna in oil HHHHMMMMM

Can't say I have an answer. Always buy the water stuff and never look for the tuna in oil. That is a heavy question all right. We'll get the best men on it :o) Actually one would have to go talk to Jimmy Patterson. He more than likely is the problem.

-- Brian (imager@home.com), June 15, 1999.

Chuckle, yes I should call Jimmy up and ask what he thinks he is doing.

I need it in oil to avoid any freezing problem, you probably know that anyway, I like the idea of the extra calories. I read here somewhere that the oil enables better protein usage, I don't know about that but I will believe it anyway, no harm. I'm off on a quest then; I know where to get it in the states, maybe I'll try wholesale club.

Thanks anyway Brian.

-- Will (sibola@hotmail.com), June 15, 1999.

Hello again Brian. Turns out after looking high and low; my own local independant grocer says he can get it for me, although the wholesaler said it will take a little extra time. $30.00 for 24 can case [170g], not bad really.

-- Will (sibola@hotmail.com), June 21, 1999.

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