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I wanted to add an update to your thread about buying supplies now, but I had a hard time finding it, so I thought you might, too. I just wanted to add an update. On Thursday, the Academy warehouse shipped 175,000 Coleman Stoves. (I don't think THAT many people in Texas are all of the sudden going camping!) :-) Still makes me wonder if it is a result of the 60 Minutes program????

-- Gayla Dunbar (, June 12, 1999


Hey, Gayla -- Wow. 175,000 Coleman stoves??!!! This is definitely the time to be finishing up "mission critical" preps! I think that those who wanted camping gear for the summer have probably already got it -- for the most part. In our neck of the woods, summer clothing is already on sale so that retailers can make room for the fall merchandise. The fact that 175,000 Coleman stoves have been shipped at this point in the retail season must be connected to Y2K. I think it's not only the 60 Minutes Program, but also the fact that Clinton's Community Meetings are supposed to be starting in July and August. Good to know of the update. We spent the morning out getting more y2k supplies, working in the garden, and organizing the basement... So much to do and the clock is ticking!

-- Libby Alexander (, June 12, 1999.

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