If you're going to order supplies, do it soon...

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After the 60 Minutes program, and after talking to some folks, we decided we needed to order a few more things (you know, another 55 gal drum for water...). I ordered yesterday and was told stuff would be delivered in one to two months! We're back to a delay in receiving shipments. If you need to order things, try to do it as soon as possible. The wait to receive shipments will not get any shorter!

-- Libby Alexander (libbyalex@aol.com), June 03, 1999


I concur,

We had a followup order from Walton Feed in ID which we placed in mid Jan. They called last tuesday and said they will deliver tomorrow. They said that the order load has gotten so heavy they have split their delivery system.Their lag time has gotten 50 percent longer.And we live on their feed truck route!!

And the 55gal drums are not as prevalent as they were. One of my friends ordered 10 in april and as of yet has recieved 6 of them.

So get your ducks in a row while you can.

-- nine (nine_fingers@hotmail.com), June 03, 1999.

55 gallon water drums @ Sam's Club, stock #968070, cost $22.99 each. If they don't carry them, they can get them. Shipping is about $6/barrel.

These are the blue plastic closed top food-grade drums. I got 8.

-- Dennis (djolson@pressenter.com), June 03, 1999.

Dennis-Where do you live? "My" Sam's doesn't have them. Think they'd order some for me if I ask nicely? Somehow, the idea of using my husband's boat to catch rain water doesn't appeal to me. Linda

-- newbiebutnodummy (Linda@home.com), June 03, 1999.


As of last week, the Sam's in Midwest City had the 30 gallon water drums. They were 15.00 and some change. Might want to check there, as they were in the main isle.


-- (cannot-say@this.time), June 03, 1999.

I'm with newbie. My Sam's doesn't have them; I'm in Florida, the land of "don't worry, be happy," it seems ...


-- jhollander (hollander@ij.net), June 03, 1999.

Sen. Bennett caused a run on water barrels.

(slight humor)

-- Brian (imager@home.com), June 03, 1999.

*SUPPOSEDLY*, any Sam's can get any product, *IF* you have a stock number. You just have to special order it, and pay "up front". $23/each + $6/each for shipping is STILL a better buy BY FAR than MOST places.

The Sam's in Wausau, WI is where I got mine. 715-359-6796

I think they still have 120 of them or so.

-- Dennis (djolson@pressenter.com), June 03, 1999.

My Sam's and Wal-Mart doesn't have them. I gave Sam's the stock number that was listed in the earlier thread; they said it (55 gal. containers) didn't come up. Oh well, I wonder if you can order off their web page?

-- Marsha (MSykes@court.co.macon.il.us), June 03, 1999.

Hi Libby. Interesting things happening in Texas, too. One of my family members works for Academy in the warehouse where they fill orders for Texas stores. (Academy is a sports type store, with camping equipment, guns, fishing goodies, etc.) Judging by the orders they are filling, you would think it was Christmas. Things were quiet, and then all of a sudden, about 2 weeks ago, things went crazy. (60 Minutes?) Normally, there is no mandatory overtime except for November and December, but that has changed. (The upper level management at the warehouse doesn't understand what's going on. They're baffled.) Makes me wonder??? :-)

-- Gayla Dunbar (privacy@please.com), June 03, 1999.

Most overlooked items!

Our foundation is putting together a list of essential items that families should have for Year2000 preparations. One list we are drawing up is a "Most Commonly Overlooked List." We have scanned maybe 10 or more of the most popular lists on the Internet and in print (Y2k for Women, Ted DerryBerry's and Victor Porlier, and others, and we figure there are probably items that are very important, but which people overlook. Please help the ants prepare for winter and send along the things you have discovered! It might even help a few grasshoppers who see the light (solar, that is).

For example, people need extra fuses for cars and homes. Whistles for communication and safety. Plastic tarps Extra keys made up before 1/1/2K Extra eyeglasses Physical examination Duct tape Car battery Spark plugs Rope Scissors and Sharpening tools Printer cartridges Hearing aid batteries Spark plugs

Not everyone thinks these things are essential. Still, we'd like to get feedback from the people who have been preparing for these last months (or years!). That way we can get the list of commonly overlooked items into the hands of people so that they don't make any costly mistakes in their preparations (like forgetting acquiring the knowledge necessary to use what they buy, as Bruce Beach pointed out on a list)

Send to laznet@lazrus.org with MCO in the subject

Thanks for the help. We can send out the list once we have it together.

Walter Skold Lazarus Foundation

-- Walter skold (laznet@lazrus.org), June 03, 1999.

Hey, Gayla -- Sounds like things are heating up down in your neck of the woods! Have noticed some shortages of bags of rice at Price Club, but can't tell if it's just because I happened to be there at close to restocking time! I, myself, found it odd that a local camping store had a two pound tin of nitrogen packed pilot bread.... :-)

-- Libby Alexander (libbyalex@aol.com), June 04, 1999.

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