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Senate testimony aired on C-Span Extra

-- sally strackbein (, May 25, 1999


Also on :


-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 25, 1999.

Wonderful. Who gets that? Meanwhile C-Span & c-span 2 show complete garbage.

-- Puddintame (, May 25, 1999.

Ed was, not really hard hitting, but WOW did he set up Paloma and the following speaker. In anything like this,you have to make it personal, which is what Ed did, in a very nice way, so that the next peope, who HAVE been SLAMMING the media and the .gov for NOT doing their jobs MUIST have gotten through.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 25, 1999.

Chuck, thanks for the heads-up on the website. Unfortunately, the server can't log on any more users. I assume we'll be able to download it later.

-- Puddintame (, May 25, 1999.

WHUUPS!! Has anyone talked to this lady about the interconnectedness of the retail stores with the power, etc.??

Waffle from DGI to GI to PANIC STRICKEN due to concern about over reaction in consumerism, as well as the possibility of returns in 2000. Inability to forecast demand to know how much to build.



-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 25, 1999.

I guess the broadcast decisions show that despite the interest in this issue, the hearing is a CYA exercise designed to build a written record and nothing else.

Yeah, due diligence was done. After all, it was on TV and the internet. The issue has been aired. If members of the public ignore the news that's there fault . . . right? I mean they were given ample warning. OK, that's my sarcasm for the day.

-- Puddintame (, May 25, 1999.

Ed is an excellent team player. Have noticed his ego has not obstructed his humanity; he is quite evolved! We are very fortunate to have this Forum and his opinions on important upcoming matters ;^)
Looking forward to reading all the testimonies and Q & As.

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, May 25, 1999.


Please keep us posted their are alot of us that can't get in cause the servers full! Thanks

-- Johnny (JLJTM@BELLSOUTH.NET), May 25, 1999.

Bennet just explained the dif btwn GAO and internal reports, as diffrences in language.

Made coments on people who get bent out of shape when he changes his position due to changes in where we ARE.

ALSO said that in GENERAL we going to be OK BUT this does NOT include EVERY city. It's NOT goint to be great if YOUR city is out!!

DO NOT wait for a NATIONAL perspective, get YOUR perspective.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 25, 1999.

Lady whose maname I missed, explained the reallities of response to disasters and the broad response needs, with the inability to respond to all of the sites. SHe asked for a national press conference, so EVERYONE will speak with one voice.


The question is arising about HOARDING!! What is HOARDING? One week, well her mom neeeds a month, some have stored for a year. Where is the cut off?? And there is a HUGE problem in publicity ref preps, because of the media putting ONLY Y2K preps into the magazines as whacko hoarders.

Her message is "Y2K is an unknown, but preparedness is something that NEEDS to be done. Lets make preparedness socially acceptable!!"

Paloma - let's inform public, and quit the "Happy Talk", and do the preparations BEFORE the end of DEC.

-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 25, 1999.

FM... I am not worthy to share the same forum with you. (Doing a Wayne and Garth BOW!!!)



-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 25, 1999.

June 7 Kosinen 1st Community Conversation in Conn.

Community Conversations and Video Packages are available for Community Leaders and are available NOW.

Senator ( not Bennet) wants the litigation bill DONE NOW!!

Talk about scam artists to various Fed Agencies FDIC, FTE, SEC, DOJ, etc.

"If you haven't innitiated the call, don't give ANYTHING to the guy on the phone!!!"

Senators have the same issues with the Cover Stories making it a joke "It's NO JOKE. Look internationally, there are going to be some MAJOR disruptions. We can't predict those impacts on the Country, so preparedness needs to be block by block, neighborhood by community."

-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 25, 1999.

And I will now relinquish my slot on the server, because I don't need to hear the MEDIA version live. I'll get it later via Realaudio archives somewhere.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 25, 1999.

Thanks for the blow-by-blow Chuck...

Whatever the style.

Don't get C-Span & can't make the Senate-site thing work on my 'puter.

Relying on the Yourdon reporters to summarize for the rest of us!


-- Diane J. Squire (, May 25, 1999.

Thanks Chuck!!!!

-- Johnny (JLJTM@BELLSOUTH.NET), May 25, 1999.

Thanks Chuck!

I would think this will be rebroadcast tonight at some time. I do get C-SPAN but this must be on C-SPAN 2, right?

From what you've reported Chuck, it seems as though the big push may soon be toward preparing communities at a local level and foregoing any large government call to prepare or try to influence preps. Personally, I think this is a GOOD thing.

Kinda OT, anyone else "feel" the recent "shift"?

Mike ================================================================

-- Michael Taylor (, May 25, 1999.

Well Michael, as ya know... Shift Happens!

Let's have a Koskinen-style "community conversation" about it! (Or not).



-- Diane J. Squire (, May 25, 1999.


Have had an hour or so to reflect on what I heard this AM. I do NOT want to give the impression that Ed did a less than sterling job. Upon reflection, my initial knee jerk reaction to what was said turns out to be REAL premature.

After listening, I realize that the folks clearly had to chat about their testimony, and compare notes. Ed made it personal to EACH of the senators, and referenced their constituents, and simply came on as a fairly concerned person, but was very low key. Kind of sliding the foot in the door, as it were. then Paloma and her following person came on and the senators were roasted, over a HOT fire for lack of leadership, lack of cohesion, lack of convergence, etc. Though they defended themselves as the ONLY Y2K leadership in Wash-er- Disneyland, and the country, they DID get the message. the representative from the retailers seemed to be going through the motions for her bosses, the Association. She clearly made points that she had been asked to make, and she didn't seem to be a part of what she was imparting, at least in MY opinion.

And the last gentleman closed with, what to a veteran of the Intentional Community Movement in the 1970's was what will hopefully define the future leadership on the topic: We need to have "a standard of leadership that is upgraded to stewardship". Do I BELIEVE this will happen??

Objection Your Honor, the question is immaterial.


Do I HOPE it will happen? YES!!!


Now to e-mail an apology for the quick trigger reflex. C

-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 25, 1999.

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-- Diane J. Squire (, May 25, 1999.

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