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Senate Testimony:
"Community Y2K Preparedness: Is There News They Can Use?"


Senator Bennett

Senator Dodd

WITNESSES: Preparedness Panel

Ed Yourdon
"Time Bomb 2000"
"The Complete Y2K Home Preparation Guide"

Paloma O'Riley
Director of Research
Cassandra Project

Liza Christian
Rogue Valley (Oregon) Y2K Task Force

Michael Nolan
City Administrator
Norfolk, Nebraska

Cathy Hotka
Vice-President, Information Technology
National Retail Federation

WITNESSES: Media Panel

Kerry Brock
Director of Broadcasting and Programming
Lawrence T. McGill
Director of Research
The Freedom Forum- Media Studies Center

Barbara Cochran
Radio-Television News Directors Association

James Adams
iDefense - y2ktoday

Rich Jaroslovsky
Online News Association


Statements submitted for the record on this topic will be placed here as they are recieved over the next few weeks.

# # #

-- Diane J. Squire (, May 25, 1999


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