OT--"Monsanto Falls Flat Trying to Sell Europe On Bioengineered Foods"

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From today's [May 11, 199] Wall Street Journal Print Edition. Front page.

[excerpt] Monsanto Co. has done something quite remarkable for a U.S. company in Europe. It has gone from obscurity to infamy in just a few years.

... Prince Charles recently vowed that Monsanto's biotech food would never pass his royal lips. Former Beatle Paul McCartney publicly spruned the company after it was reported that his late wife Linda's line of vegetarian sausages contained soybeans grown from Monsanto's seeds.

British newspapers call Monsanto the "Frankenstein food giant" and the "biotech bully boy" so routinely that some Monsanto employees jokingly refer to their employer and Mon-Satan"

[end of excerpt]

All in all, its a great read.

Plant heirloom seeds in your garden and learn how to save them for the future. Alexi.

-- Alexi (Alexi@not-in-the-dark.com), May 11, 1999


Here are a couple other links, This one w/E. Coli! and one w/Big Dog.

-- Lisa (lisa@work.now), May 11, 1999.

I live in MO, the headquarters of the infamous Monsanto Corp., and I absolutely loathe and despise that company. They are bullies, and the St. Louis Post Dispatch is nothing but a rag, and a cheer leader for them. They will sue anyone who stands in their way, and they don't give a damn what dirty, underhanded tactics they have to use to get their way. If they knew that their genetically engineered products killed half the people in the world, they would not care. If people stave because of their hybrid seeds, they will not care. It sickens me to think how most of the soybeans in the U. S. are already genetically modified, and sold by Monsanto to farmers who must sign agreements with them, that tie them forever to that hateful company. Break the agreement, and they will break you.

I'm glad the UK has the balls, and the good sense to stand up to these corrupt, money and power hungry creeps. I would clean toilets at a sleaze bag motel before I'd work for a company like Monsanto.

I have an entire file on them, and their atrocities, and none of it is pretty.

-- gilda (jess@listbot.com), May 11, 1999.

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