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Anyone heard anything about Monsantos new patent on some type of cross-pollonating seeds??? bad news, just heard about 20 seconds on the radio today

-- mooes (, January 25, 1999


They're evil, but they make a good plastic sheet for greenhouse covering: "Monsanto 602."


-- E. Coli (, January 25, 1999.

From Greenpeace


On March 3 1998 the Monsanto owned company Delta and Pine Land Co. (Mississippi, USA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that they received US Patent No. 5,723,765 on a new genetic technology designed to prevent unauthorized seed saving by farmers. The technology is designed to create seeds, which are unable to germinate in their second generation, leaving farmers with sterile seeds they cannot replant. The company says its new patent has "the prospect of opening significant worldwide seed markets to the sale of transgenic technology for crops in which seed currently is saved and used in subsequent plantings." Up to 1.4 billion resource-poor farmers in the South depend on farm-saved seed and seeds exchanged with farm neighbors as their primary seed source. A technology that threatens to extinguish farmer expertise in selecting seed and developing locally-adapted strains is a threat to food security and agricultural biodiversity, especially for the poor. The owners of the Terminator patent have indicated that they will apply for patents in 87 countries worldwide. The patent is pending at the European Patent Office, in Canada, Australia, Japan and South Africa. This seed-sterilizing patent has caused worldwide protests and a declaration of the Convention on Biological Diversity in May this year warned of the implications of the Terminator technology. Still the USDA is presently negotiating exclusive licensing agreements with Monsanto on the commercialisation of their joint patent. USDA intends to draw the deal with Monsanto within the next weeks!

-- a (a@a.a), January 25, 1999.

This has been covered before.

Attention All:

Instead of posting "NEW" threads, append to existing ones

-- look (, January 25, 1999.

I had heard that these terminator plants had cross-pollonated with plants near by and had caused them to terminate. At that point the testing was halted. This information came off of the radio...The greed factor is killing us. Tman

-- Tman (, January 25, 1999.

What can we do? Is there any way to stop this insanity?

-- Cetus (, January 25, 1999.

Art Bell is supposed to do a show about the "terminator gene" sometime this week......i think it's on thursday....

-- andrea (, January 25, 1999.

Here's a (small) ray of sunshine -- this particular "iatrogenic" insanity will not propagate itself.

-- Tom Carey (, January 25, 1999.

Art Bell's show on the terminator technology will be on his tuesday night show.

-- Damian Solorzano (, January 26, 1999.

Anyone listen to the Art Bell show tonight?

-- Tricia the Canuck (, January 27, 1999.

Anyone have a link to Art Bell's transcript for Tuesday night?

-- Tricia the Canuck (, January 28, 1999.

go to, then into realaudio for tuesday night in the programme archives.

-- Andy (, January 28, 1999.

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