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GAO REPORTS: Some GAO Year 2000 Reports Now Available (PDF & ASCII Format)

For those who arent already Adobe reading challanged with the Senate Report ...

Some of the most recent GAO General Accounting Office Year 2000 reports are starting to become available. -- Diane


(As of March 2, 1999 -- They often take a few weeks to show up after the Congressional testimony is given.)

Retrievable as PDF files or ASCII Text.

Each entry has a hypertext link to the Portable Document Format (PDF) electronic version of that report. Free readers for PDF files are available from Adobe Systems, Inc.

Follow this link for tips on how to use the Acrobat Reader.

To retrieve ASCII TEXT files of the documents listed below, go to the GPO WAIS Access database at (Note: I cant seem to get this to work yet -- the report I want isnt up yet in ASCII just PDF -- but it does work with older files):

Enter the report number in the search field: REPORT NUMBER. For example, "GGD-96-55" (MUST use quotes) and click on SUBMIT button at bottom of page.

[This one okay with Adobe Acrobat 3.0]:

Year 2000 Computing Crisis: Readiness Improving, But Much Work Remains to Avoid Major Disruptions. T-AIMD-99-50. 37 pp. January 20, 1999.

[This one must have Adobe Acrobat 3.6 to retrieve (so I cant pull it up and cnat upgrade because my ole puter doesnt have floating point technology required by AA 3.6). Someone else want to try?]:

Year 2000 Computing Crisis: Status of Airports' Efforts to Deal with Date Change Problem. RCED/AIMD-99-57. 32 pp. plus 3 appendices (24 pp.) January 29, 1999

See also ...

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-- Diane J. Squire (, March 03, 1999


Diane; This is a very helpful post. Thanks.

-- Watchful (, March 04, 1999.

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