Warning! Who tampered with Sysman's Y2K Bug thread?

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When I opened this thread, I received an unusual message, then my monitor froze; had to do a hard boot to get back online!

-- c (c@c.c), February 19, 1999


there's been someone dumping java applets into threads intermittently for the last month. whoever it is, they're not very good at it.


-- Arlin H. Adams (ahadams@ix.netcom.com), February 19, 1999.

It looks like Noproblemo added some javascript to my thread. There is another thread discussing this here at Sysman?

You can find the bug info at Win/98

I think this gut must be a Microsoft troll! See ya <:)=

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), February 19, 1999.

c(c@c.c), is it possible you are the same c(c@c.c) who occasionally posts here?

I've saved some of the eMails which came thru on several various threads with the formatting for that nasty thing. I'll eMail you the posts in their entire code if you eMail me.

It may be possible to get the same info from "View Source," but if not, I'll eMail those who want to figure this out. I'm not a hacker! ;-)

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx

-- Leska (allaha@earthlink.net), February 19, 1999.

Thanks Leska, I also have a copy of the applet in my inbox. Don't think we can do much about this except turn off Javescript. Anybody out there got any other ideas? <:(=

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), February 19, 1999.


Wasn't me... somebody copped my alias. Whoever you are, please choose another incognito!


-- c (c@c.c), February 19, 1999.

c, thanks, hard to figure out one's abcs on this Forum! Then there's the various @s. Need that search engine.

-- Leska (allaha@earthlink.net), February 19, 1999.

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