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Hey sysman, I'm usually very careful going into links if someone is trolling. But what was up with your posting? My windows starting going nuts? Was that the message? I had to reboot.

-- westcan. (, February 19, 1999


Damn, its 10 minutes since my last post above and a window came up on the screen = "there is no flaw in windows 98. It is your imagination" anyone else have the same?

-- west.can. (, February 19, 1999.


In the Another Windows/98 Y2K bug>/a> thread, responder "NoProblemo" inserted some Javascript code into his posted answer that produces the effects you saw. AFAIK it's essentially harmless except to your blood pressure.

To avoid the display, disable Javascript before going to that thread. (Then REMEMBER to RE-enable Javascript later, if you want it.)

Going in with Javascript enabled, I had no trouble getting rid of the two new windows by clicking on OK in the first one, then on the upper-right-corner X to close the second one. I didn't try staying in for 10 minutes to see whether anything reappeared.

-- No Spam Please (, February 19, 1999.

Yes, no problemo did insert javascript to do the above. I guess he works for Microsoft! <:)=

-- Sysman (, February 19, 1999.

Sysman, I went into it with my Java script disabled and the message still came up.

-- c (c@c.c), February 19, 1999.

Okay, it was my turn to glitchify. ">" instead of "<".

-- No Spam Please (, February 19, 1999.

Today - 19 Feb - that same thread "another win98 y2k bug" had a [OK] button set up to create some 72 windows of Explorer when pushed. However, when pushed - to aknowledge that "Windows 98 has no Y2K bugs" (true?) - the same process deleted all "cookies" previously saved: including greenspun's registration.

Wonder where it deleted them to? Or forwarded them to?

I do not recommend you open that thread to check this process. Or if opened, don't hit the [OK] button.

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, February 19, 1999.

best thing to do is create a seperate profile to log on with (it will save the settings for you) then disable java AND javascript...also disable cookies. Heck, if you just want to read text on this NG, disable EVERYTHING for that particular profile.

-- Mutha Nachu (, February 21, 1999.

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