Y2K on C-Span2 Right Now

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Program on Y2k is on right now. I think it is a repeat tho.

-- shivermetimbers (zerodegrees@brrrrrr.com), February 01, 1999


Dear shivermetimbers (and anyone else) When you say that something is on "right now" please specify which corner of the world you say this from!!, and what time it is there.

e.g. Arctic Daylight time, 12:01 midnight right now, or whatever. :-) Thanks, this would help us to know if we've missed the boat or not.

-- Debbie Spence (dbspence@usa.net), February 01, 1999.

Yes, it was a repeat.

I tried to find the Jan 27th one this month and they didn't have it on. I was looking forward to a follow up. Have you heard anything about when it might be shown???

-- Moore Dinty moore (not@thistime.com), February 01, 1999.

Sorry Debbie!! I was in a hurry to post, as the program was currently on. It ran from 7pm-8pm eastern standard time. It was put on by George Washington University and was filmed in Dec. 98. Panel was made up of Paula Gordon-adjunct professor at G.Washington University, Jim Lord, Mark Uncapher, Carlos Guedes of Inter-American Development Bank.

-- shivermetimbers (zerodegrees@brrrrrr.com), February 01, 1999.

I looked for it too (the one scheduled for Jan. 27) but came up with nothing. (Kept checking the C-SPAN and C-SPAN2 schedules. I'll keep checking; let's post as soon as we find out.

-- Debbie Spence (dbspence@usa.net), February 01, 1999.

Thank you so much! I would love to get a tape of it. (My VCR screwed up on the last one.) So, even if the show comes back as a repeat, anyone please post.

Anyone who didn't see this - it's really good and does a lot to dispel the "lunatic fringe" image that Y2k has (if you're still trying to convince DGI's). It is a meeting of sober-minded, hard thinking people.

-- Debbie Spence (dbspence@usa.net), February 01, 1999.

Thanks...I caught the last 15 minutes at 5:45 here in Phoenix (presently on mountain time). Paula Gordon said, "y2k is the biggest problem to ever face mankind". Jim Lord said, "most y2k info is flawed" and referred to Senator Bennett as having said, " one improvement is the DOD is telling LESS lies".

-- ronbanks (phxbanks@webtv.net), February 01, 1999.

Here's a link to a previous thread I posted when this show originally aired back in mid-December:

http://www.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id=000J b6

I'm also quite curious what happened to the planned Jan 27 session

-- Arnie Rimmer (Arnie_Rimmer@usa.net), February 01, 1999.

I e-mailed Paula Gordon in regards to the Jan.27th program. Will let you know if I find out anything. I searched the Washington Post archives and didn't find anything. I also searched the George Washington University website and didn't find anything. Bummer!

-- shivermetimbers (zerodegrees@brrrrrr.com), February 02, 1999.

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