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I need some help and info about a lens that I recently bought.
I have just purchased my first large format camera, though I've been a shooter for many years (using 35 and 2-1/4).

While at a flea market, I picked up a 4X5 enlarger for parts (it cost me a whomping $10). and I found this lens on it:

it is a ring-mount lens; and I'm pretty sure its for a 4X5 camera, but I could be wrong.

It's marking are "COMPUR" on the name plate; "Contessa" and "Nettel" on the top, and it has a numbering of "D.R.P. No 258646 D.R.G.M." on it. What does any of this mean?

The barrel of the lens itself has the following info:

Tessar 1=6.3 f=16.5 cm (which of course makes it a 165mm ƒ/6.3) But what does "tessar" mean?

It is a Carl Zeiss Jena. What does "jena" mean?

Sorry to seem so ignorant on most of this; I'm new to the large format game; and I'd love to find out if this lens was a lucky treasure or just a nice paperweight...

Please Drop me an email at if you can help with any info on this!


-- Anonymous, September 09, 1998

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