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The shape and contents of future customer value propositions (and business designs) are linked to CIS capabilities and flexibilities. I have selected a few articles to stimulate dscussion on these topics at ou next council meeting. Let me know if you want a copy, or give me suggestions (and copy) of added readings. Articles selected are:

(1) "gas attack", Forbes ASAP, 8/25/97 - Creative new ways of doing business at Brooklyn Union Gas stemming from new IT systems.

(2) "utiliies shopping their CISs" Electrical World, 9/96 -- Initial euphoria by utilites that they could make $ reselling their CIS

(3) "call centers put a new face on utilites", Info.Tech. for Utlities, JF/98 -- new definitions of customer care.

(4) "CIS upgrades: utilities watch and wait", Info.Tech for Utilities, MJ/98 -- without the rush to retail competition, and after some expensive failures, utilities may choose to wait and see.

(5) "marketing issues dominate new utility IT agenda" (and related items on "info: the currency of competition", and "emacs usher in customer-, marketing-driven industry") Electrical World, 3/98.

Please let me know if this would be a useful topic, and suggest additional inputs. Thanks, Dick O

-- Anonymous, May 09, 1998

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