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I recently got two Dover compumatic elevators on my route and the first week I got a failure light on the leveling board. The car was at the bottom floor with the up level light but the car was stuck. After reseting the mainline away it went. Does anyone know exactly what the failure light indicates and any preventive things I can do so it will not happen again.

-- Joe Kline (, April 28, 1998



Make sure your sensors are clean and you leave covers on cabinets. Failures usually happen when two sensors are imporperly activated at the same time (LU and LD for example)

-- Roger (, May 02, 1998.

did you find your problem ? cannot e mail

-- mro (, July 14, 1998.

Problem solved

I cleaned all the sensors, kept the cabinet doors shut and kept the lights off in the machine room...Problem fixed.

-- Joe kline (, July 30, 1998.

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