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Many industries in this country, who are of vital interest to this country, have been federally regulated when deemed out of control. Airline industry comes immediatly to mind along with the rails and the trucking industry. With the rise in elevator accidents in this country, and with the almighty dollar seemingly taking precedence over safety of the public, (infrequent maintenance procedures, High number of units per route, shoddy installation, etc....) Is it time for the federal government to step in and regulate the elevator industry??? Post your responses.

-- Rolland Harrison (rolland@fastlane.net), October 25, 1997


Why so they can make the customer do things that they don't do in there buildings. Ever take care of Federal job. Like state inspectors do. Where I come from the State is the last one. to meet the code if it's on them. They also have elevators that are not under contract.

-- anonymously answered, October 26, 1997

we had just done a mod for a federal job they wouldnt except the gd 105 machine because it was 1 inch too long with the encoder they also wanted a chain driven operator after a long and extensive dealings with these people they have modded these cars with the normal stuff

no the federal government should not step in but i think there ought to ber some guidence to this though like not spreading your men thin as such overworked guys..no man should be that run ragged. also tending to problems I. E. THIER PROCRASTINATIONS!!or turn them in to a regulatory commossion that would fine companies for thier irresponsability..they are going to restructure the industry if you watched 20/20 the car that could bust a baord and sqash a melon.... if ansi requires them to be safty tested and door torques checked and it does this...was this car under maintence? and if so who is doin it and if that car was that far out of level why wasnt it fixed?this is what is making them take notice on this...the company is going to make this a real issue to the government because it was on tv and it will be reality

-- anonymously answered, October 28, 1997

See my comments on the DOJ and Escalator codes a bit further on in this section

-- John Shugren (elevator@black-hole.com), November 12, 1997.

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