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This week I have developed three rolls of film opf 100 DELTA Pro from Ilford and they have come out fine. They have been stopped, they have been fixed, and the negatives that came of it are perfect - as perfect as they can be naturally, aside from what my camera did and what controls I started in the camera. So they're fine. The mistakes are irreversible mistakes I made when I took the picture. Suddenly, problems. One roll went to the garbage, straight to the garbage, the reason - it went PINK. I did this last night and I'm very confused. Two possible solutions. One, it didn't advance in the camera. It's automatic and the numbers counted up, and down as it rewinded, there were no problems. Two, I switched fixer and developer by accidente, but nah. This has raised concerns. How many rolls can I develop before the developer is gone? Id-11, 1-1 - 500 or 1L. And fixer - Kodak with hardener, how many until it's dead? Does the hypo-check thing that I've heard about work well? Oh, yea, before I forget about this, is it okay if I use IN-1 stop bath for this kind of film for a minute? I'm told a minute is okay and no more is the way to go. No numbers on the pink film, no text. But the leader is black. Explain that. Hmm...And I've developed three rolls so far in the same mixtures and they have been fine. If the film is okay now, if the films perfectly clean now after washing, is it a guarantee it will stay that way until it has its day?..... Those pictures were important too....

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1997


Developing Ilford film

Ilford have a web site at select the English option and at the bottom of the page you will find a section "contact Ilford" you will find a list of e-mail id's. They are usualy very helpfull. I have noticed a pink residue when developing Delta 100 and a pink tinge to the base emulsion is considered to be normal but not the whole film turning pink.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1997

Albert - I dont really know what went wrong with your developing, However in regards to your question about how often you can use the developer before it is to be discarded I use the one shot technique ( ID11 1-3 ) and then discard. Then that problem doesnt arise. It may be a little more expensive but it seems to be a lot safer. Another advantage of using it this way is I always make up a fresh batch when Im ready to develop. Chris

-- Anonymous, August 19, 1997

Sorry to hear about the film. I am assuming that the film is totally opaque. I believe that unexposed, undeveloped Ilford film is PINK and combined with the fact that you don't see any numbers may point to mixing the fixer and developer up. However since the leader is black that might point more to the film not advancing. As for how long before the chemicals are exhausted it is usally recommended to only use it once per film. If you mean how long does the stock last then that is a different story. Usually stocks will last months but if they get too warm for too long (ie heat wave) then they can go bad much faster.

-- Anonymous, August 19, 1997

Response to "Developing Film

Albert, pink film is usually due to inadequate fixing. If this occurs again do not throw out film. Refix for entire time or until pink clears. And finish clear and wash procedure as usual.

-- Anonymous, September 07, 1997

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