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I have been shooting the new Kodak T400CN (C-41 process) film for several weeks, while in the Sierra Mountains. I have been quite pleasantly surprised by the even contrast when compared to Ilford XP-2. I have been printing on Polymax (RC and Fiber)without filtration. I thought that the reddish dye (to make the film print better in color mini-lab processors) would have made printing the negatives more difficult, not so. The grain is very fine (I have been printing 10x24 inch from 2x35mm panoramic negs). So, it appears that this was a good choice to suppliment my "normal films" Super-XX and T100. I was wondering what other photographers have thought about this film? Oh, by the way, the reason that I was shooting T400CN in the first place was that I was doing an evaluation of a camera recently repaired and needed to see the results while still in the field, IE the local mini-lab.

-- Anonymous, August 11, 1997


I just made photographs of a friend's wedding on T400CN 120 and 35mm film. I exposed the film at EI 200 and was _very_ pleasd with the results. As expected, the overexposure resulted in a fairly dense negative, but I found them easy to print with no grain evident (even with 35mm printed full-frame on 11x14 paper). I have a hard time comparing this film to another (I usually use tri-x and delta 400 in 35mm), but I would not hesitate to try it again. The 120 was simply sumptuous. Incidentally, I just started a new job that takes significant time away from my photo-pursuits... this is a very nice way to have someone else to the film developing work (although not my first choice as I like the whole photographic process).

Interestingly enough, the b&w prints that I got back from my local one-hour photo-lab were very pleasing, full-contrast-scale prints with a warm black (although I understand that both the color cast and the quality of these prints varies considerably from lab to lab). For you instant-gratification fiends, this is a fast way to have proofs made. Try a roll!

-- Anonymous, September 20, 1998

After replacing the light gaskets on my old Canonet QL III 17, I shot a roll of T400 CN to see if there were any light leaks and to see if I liked it. The results were excellent. The local non-professional lab knew how to develop it; I just asked that the prints be as close to "real B&W as possible." And... no light leaks! :)

-- Anonymous, October 09, 1998

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