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I have been printing and printing and I am becoming very worried. I've been doing things with the chemicals I use that I feel might not be right. First things first, how serious is ventilation? I need a book to read, or someones advice because last week I was sleeping in a room of photography aromas all night. I have used a fan in that direction, and a slightly open window; but that windows blocked a lot from obstructions. Someone who camae to visit me told me yesterday that he could smell the fumes in the hallway outside my front door ( an apartment ) but I had no idea it was that strong or giong through, and I coulden't smell anything! Must have been the fan. All I do is leave that window slightly open, and aim the big fan in my direction and it blows on me all the time. However when I'm sleeping, the fan is off, and the window stays open or is closed. There is no other ventilation. I don't feel sick, and the room always smells clear when I enter it after a few hours. But open trays full of chems. are on the floor.

-- Anonymous, August 10, 1997


First, use wide rolls of saran wrap & lay them over your chemicals if they are to go unused for a few hours. Cheap & will prevent oxidation and fumes from wafting through the room. Then, get a good air cleaning system. Some fumes are toxic & some are just obnoxious. Vent to the outside if you can & circulate the air. There are some books out that give info on chemicals & health. Some are written by alarmists & others seem OK. You will have to look in the library & read them & decide for yourself which is which. Common sense might help, as there are still those out there who buy certain washers for prints based on the old 'fixer is heavier than water' stuff & it seems these folks may be some of the ones writing the scare books on photo chemical dangers. One other thng you might do is check on what you are dumping into the sinks of your apartment complex to be sure you aren't in major league OSHA and public health violations. Good luck

-- Anonymous, August 11, 1997

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