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It seems that the versatility of multi-grade paper has made it extremely popular. I was wondering how everyone feels about the overall quality of each type of paper and if there are any noticeable differences. I have been using nothing but multi-grade paper so I can't really judge for myself.

-- Anonymous, July 29, 1997


Single vs multigrade addendum

My preivious question was somewhat vague. What I meant to ask was for peoples opinion on single grade vs. multigrade paper.

-- Anonymous, July 30, 1997

RE: single grade vs. multigrade paper

I've used Ilford Galerie and Ilford Multigrade IV FB, and the only slight difference I was able to see is in the characteristics of the paper support. It seems to me that the image characteristics are substantially equivalent.

As far as RC paper is concerned, I think that single-graded papers used to be better than multigrade papers until the introduction of Multigrade IV. Now, it seems to me that the result are more or less equivalent.



-- Anonymous, July 31, 1997

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