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I've read where some pre-soak the film before the developer, is this a good practice? The reason I ask is I just did it for the first time with Agfa film and I got what looks like tiny pin holes on the neg. Is this from pre-soaking or for some other reason?

-- Anonymous, July 27, 1997


Hi David,

I wouldn't think pre-soaking would cause any adverse affects if you soak for one minute in plain water at 68 degrees. The culprit could be stop bath. Unless stop bath is highly dilute it can cause some strange effects.

Dell Elzey

-- Anonymous, July 28, 1997

I regularly pre soak by B&W for developing. The 4x5 for 5 min, with one water change at 3 min & constant agitation in a Jobo drum. 35mm the same. If you are getting minor pinholes, check the strength of your stop bath. The sudden change from an alkaline to an acid environment can do it. In fact, Ilford now says to use only a water stop after developing with their films. Good luck

-- Anonymous, August 03, 1997

Pre-soaking films

Further to Dell Elzey's comment I just read that pinholes are primarily caused by the stop bath being too acidic. Since the developer is basic (alkaline) when it combines with the acid a small amount of gas is given off (probably hydrogen) which forms small bubbles under the emulsion which then breaks the surface. While there is no problem using acid in your printing stop bath just plain water is recommended for films.

-- Anonymous, August 07, 1997

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