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I recently tried XP2 for the first time and asked a minilab whether they could process it for me, just like a normal colour negative film. They said that they didn't have the correct equipment to correct the colour cast and should try elsewhere. I believe that a colour cast is to be expected when printed on colour paper, but as this is just an experiment, this won't bother me. Should I just tell them to go ahead and hang the consequences or should I try somewhere else if they're unwilling to do it?

-- Anonymous, July 21, 1997


Go ahead

Since the film will be properly developed if they run their C-41 processor correctly, all you are talking about is them not having an XP-2 channel on their printer. Tell them to do their best and expect them to do a crappy job. You can always do a proof sheet in the bathroom with a single light bulb a few feet away from the negs.

FYI, I've delightedly found that the Konica Lab that handles the film developing at my local supermarket does a very nice job of running XP-2.

-- Anonymous, July 24, 1997


Hi Develop this film in a very busy minilab...why? They change the chemicals more often. If the chemicals are near exaustion your negs will stain in a few weeks. (red ugly stains). That should be your main concern . They will do horrible proof prints for you (in most cases), and check the negs (hey scratch them once in a while).

-- Anonymous, July 26, 1997

You should try Kodak's new T400CN, a C-41 process black and white film with characteristics simmilar to Tmax. T400CN has built in the same reddish color cast when developed as a regular color film. When it the run film is run through a C-41 mini-lab the prints will have a much more neutral color cast than XP2, as well as being a little less contrasty.

-- Anonymous, August 11, 1997

Now that TMax 400 CN is available, I expect a significant change in attitude of the labs towards these chromogenic B&W films, especially in USA, where Kodak reigns supreme.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1997

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