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Hello all, I followed your discussion about the Zone System with a lot of interest. I never thought about things like that. After this discussion I decided to buy Ansel Adems books about that theory. ( I dont know the english title ) In German it is " The negativ ". My question before I spend my money in that book. Is this theory only useful with a external meter ? The point is: I cant afford a expensive external meter.

Best regards, Wolfgang

-- Anonymous, July 18, 1997


Re: Zone system question

No, the theory is good with any kind of meter, including your camera's built-in meter. A spotmeter is a great convenience, but you can use your camera meter to take 'spot' readings by moving close to an area and taking a reading there. Or, I would think, by zooming in with a fixed-aperture zoom if you have one.

-- Anonymous, July 18, 1997

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