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I am currently doing a book. I need some advice from all of you out there. I will be finishing it sometime early year 2000. It is a large project that I am working on and extremely interesting. Have big time sponsors - thats great, however need some contact with other photographers. Would like to hear if you are interested in what I am doing. Currently having probs on deciding whether to allow separate firm to scan instead of myself. Don't like the idea of anyone playing with my work. Give me your input.....please????

-- Anonymous, July 11, 1997


Michelle, in the poster series of his prints even Ansel Adams did not do his own scans. But, he did have a big say in the results & many were re-scanned, tweaked, etc. to get them right. Let the pro's do it & give the quality control it needs with your overseeing to ensure the final results meet your standards. From experience, have something printed out on the paper, surface, inks, that will be used as they will appear in the final editions so you will be approving what will actually be in print. Good luck. Keep us informed

-- Anonymous, July 12, 1997

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