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I'll be using a Pentax P/30, how can I bulk load film into 200 DX cassettes when they're not sold? 400 and 100 cassettes is all I've found. Is the default for this camera 100 or what? What will happen with a plastic cassette-or a cassette with no DX coding? Thanks. . .

-- Anonymous, July 10, 1997


DX Coding

I think that you could use the end pieces from a re-usable blank cassette on a normal 200 film canister (middle portion). You might want to buy a single cassette (price $1) and ask a photofinishing lab for a used commercial canister and see if the canister edges match the re-usable canister and if the ends fit securely.

-- Anonymous, July 10, 1997

Albert, try your printer on a high quality setting with a bar code program & Avery labels. It works fine. Good luck

-- Anonymous, July 12, 1997

DX coding

Check the DX FAQ, in the master list of FAQ's that I maintain.

Don 1 W@rld Books

-- Anonymous, July 20, 1997

I have something to say. When you get a camera, get a camera that allows you the ability to change the film speed. I believe it can make a world of difference and knowing what I know about cameras, knowing the things i didn't know when I got my Pentax P30/T, get a camera that allows more freedom. The other terms that people use is "adjustable ISO setting". ISO is International Standard. Personally I would never approach a camera that was otherwise, in terms of buying. By the way I have found out that the Pentax P30/T has a default setting built into it of 100 ISO.

-- Anonymous, August 10, 1997

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