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I have notice several prints displayed with a thin black border around the outside of the image. Can someone tell me how this is done? Is a special paper easel needed? thanks

-- Anonymous, July 08, 1997


You don't need a special easel, but your negative carrier needs to be modified so the clear area around the negative image is visible. And you need to print full-frame

You can do this yourself if you are handy and can smoothly file down the carrier frame to add 1-2mm all around. Be careful, though, to finish all the edges and corners; otherwise, you risk scratching your negatives!

Alternatively, you can place your neg in a larger carrier, i.e, 35mm in a 21/4" carrier--although the neg may not sit as flat as it needs to for reliable focus of the entire image area. You could also use a glass carrier to avoid that problem (although it could cause others).

Finally, there are companies that will file your neg carrier for you...I think. Anybody have some names and addresses, or even better...URL's?


-- Anonymous, July 08, 1997

My experience has been that you simply use a full frame negative carrier.

-- anonymously answered, July 08, 1997

black border

I have done this on the easel. I created a cardboard mask just slightly smaller than the print image. After exposing the print I remove the negative and carrier from the enlarger, place the mask over the exposed print so that there is a slight gap at all four borders then re-expose. I found it very difficult to get an even border and no longer try doing it.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 1997

Many people print full-frame with a black border at the public darkroom where I print. We have "custom" negative carriers that we buy at the darkroom that allow this (due to problems with people having incompatible neg carriers they came up with this solution). They have a cut-out around the neg image about 2 mm larger than the image itself. They are made out of two pieces of very stiff cardboard that I believe is simply 8-ply mat board. The neg. is sandwiched between the two sides. You could get one made at a mat cutting/framing shop to get the cut-out done very smoothly. The neg. carrier is about 6x6 inches, hinged with heavy tape on one edge, with the cut-out for the neg in the center. If you get it done by a mat cutter, you'll want them to cut the cut-out vertically, not at a 45 degree angle like window mats. You can make the outside dimensions whatever is needed to fit your enlarger. Your enlarger will project the image and the clear edge. Adjust your easel boundaries to have as much or little of that clear edge showing around the will show up as black in the final print. If you do this I recommend a dark color of mat board to reduce light reflections.

-- Anonymous, July 09, 1997

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