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Now that we have had Ilford warmtone FB paper out a while, any impressions from those who have tried it? Next is Forte paper. Bruce Barnbaum seems to think it is 'the bees knees'. Any comments from other users, especially in comparison to what you have been using? Am asking because Bruce seems to think it is better than the discontinued Oriental he used for 15 years. Thanks

-- Anonymous, July 07, 1997


Response to Forte's papers

The articles by Bruce Barnbaum and Phil Davis in the most recent issue of Photo Techniques seem right on target regarding the cold tone, Polygrade's characteristics. I've enjoyed playing around with it - it is the most reactive paper I've seen to both bleaching and toning (1:20 is a good starting point). It has an interesting surface texture, almost like a linen weave for stationary (Bromoforte's surface feels even more "silky"). And, as Phil stated, it is about a half a grade less contrasty through the middle grades than MG IV and Polymax.

I've only used the Polywarmtone once. To me it looked like an overtoned cold tone paper, so I've never gone back to it.

Overall, I'm used to MG's contrast grades and tonal separation in the highlights. Forte's papers won't replace Ilford's in my work, but it could come in handy when bleaching is a big component of a print.

-- Anonymous, July 07, 1997

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