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I have been getting occasional reports over the last couple of days that the frames version of this forum is not working. I have contacted the server administrator, and hopefully the problem will be solved soon.

If you can't get into the frames version of this forum, by Tuesday 7/8, please email me at



-- Anonymous, July 06, 1997


Thanks to all who have emailed me. The problem persists, but I've found a temporary way around it:

Follow the link at the bottom of the non-frames page, to the index of other forums. Then just scroll down to the B&W Forum and hit the "threads version" link, and you're there.

Phil Greenspun is working to identify the problem and fix it. We both appreciate your patience while he finds a solution.


-- Anonymous, July 09, 1997

Frames problem fixed, but...

OK, the frames version of the forum is working again.

However, a new problem has arisen for the site in general, and suggestions are welcome:

It seems my account with WebAudit has been discontinued with no notice or warning. This means I now have no way of knowing how many "hits" this site is getting, which of course impacts on my ability to get sponsors.

Anyone know of any good, really cheap (or better, free) website auditing services? If so,please email me ASAP.



-- Anonymous, July 09, 1997

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