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1-Where can I buy chemicalas by bulk to mix myself? The only place that I have found so far is Artcraft. I'm in Canada, and I don't know where to look aside from "chemical supply houses". does anyone have any good recommendations? 2-I boguht 100 sheets of Agfa paper, MCP310 RC at 5x7. The paper was sipmle enough and I only had problems that were self-made. Now I have bought 100 sheets of the same paper in the 8x10 size and when I squeeze both sheets together I find that the 8x10 sheet is extremenly thin, much thinner then the 5x7. Whats going on? Nothing on the label, nothing I read, or expected...is it always like this? 3-Does anyone here use Pyrogallic Acid? 4-Can you recommend a COMPETENT, RELIABLE, MODERN book on mixing formulas made by scratch, a good/great cookbook? I'm trying to write as small as possible. Sorry if my questions are out of place. Thanks.

-- Anonymous, July 04, 1997


No apologies needed - this is the perfect place for your questions.

Regarding the Agfa paper thickness discrepancy, is it possible that you bought the 8x10 in single weight and the 5x7 in double weight? I don't use Agfa myself but many papers come in different thicknesses (weights) but are otherwise "the same", though I don't see this as often with RC as with fiber papers.

A book that might fit your needs for chemical formulas is "The Darkroom Cookbook" by Stephen G. Anchell. Focal Press, 313 Washington St., Newton, MA, 02158. ISBN 0-240-80196-2, soft cover, $24.95. I haven't read the book, but a review in Shutterbug said it has 150 formulas, both modern and classic, as well as discussions on lab eqpt., conversion tables, percentage solutions, etc. The reviewer thought it was a must-have for B&W photographers (I don't have it...).

Another book that was reviewed was "The Book of Pyro" by Gordon Hutchings, Bitter Dog Press, Granite Bay, CA 95746, soft cover, 100 pp., $29.00. It supposedly gives info on both classic and modern versions/uses of this developer - mixing, fixing, toxicity etc. Again I haven't read the book but it might give you the info. you're looking for.

Good luck!

-- Anonymous, July 05, 1997

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-- Anonymous, July 05, 1997

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