Fluorescent tubes for enlarger head

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I have recently purchased 2 enlargers. One and older 5x7 with four small fluorescent tubes in the head & a 'flip out of the way to print' cover for the lens. I don't mind that as it is precise enough for my needs from the large negs. The second is a bigger repro copy stand that I am going to modify by putting on a head to make it useful for projection proofing of full sheets of 35mm negs to 16x20 paper. ON this one I want to use fluorescent tubes that I can devise for the head & the same 'flip out of the way & print' system. Anyone have any experience as to which tubes & possible UV filter I will need to buy to make this compatable with Ilford & Forte Multigrade papers so they will work with the filters OK. Thanks

-- Anonymous, July 04, 1997

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