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I would appreciate some specific advice on sepia toning which I would like to combine with hand coloring. Which brand of toner? Which paper ( I have some Agfa Portriga FB)? Specific fixing instructions? Thanks so much!

-- Anonymous, July 01, 1997


Try the Agfa Viradon toner. Start at 1:50 dilution & watch the image change until it is where you want it. It will tone lightly by itself. If you first bleach a bit in ferracyanice bleach then it will tone even more. Agfa has full instructions for it. As to papers, that is mainly a matter of experimentation. The papers, dilutions and water hardness all have a hand in the final results. Another alternative is the Kodak sepia toner kits that mix up in small batches. They work well and have directions enclosed also. Good luck.

-- Anonymous, July 05, 1997

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