Wanted: Model Release Form

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I am looking for a good model release form. I have been unable to find one that does not cost a bunch of money

-- Anonymous, July 01, 1997


Model Release Form

Check out he legal section of the following site http://www.istep.com/photostop/

Personally I think that that it is the use of the photo that requires the release. It is the commercial use of a photo that requires a release.

-- Anonymous, July 01, 1997

You should be able to by a pad of standard model releases at any good photo store. They should only cost you a couple of dollars.

-- Anonymous, July 01, 1997

I printed up a batch on the computer that I keep handy & usually get a chuckle & a signature. "I, ______________, give permission for Dan Smith, Photographer to use my photo for any legal use he wants, even if it makes me look worse than Adolf Hitler, nicer than Mother Teresa or dumber than a politician."

I find it seems to work well, and I have a small box I have them check off for "valuable consideration", and put their name and address, date & whatnot on it also. It might cover me if there is a lawsuit, but my main goal is not to get sued if the persons likeness ends up in a medical ad for AIDS, or whatever. A few photogs have been sued over that one with multi page formal releases. Good luck

-- Anonymous, July 17, 1997

Clarify, please

What exactly do you mean by "a check off for 'valuable consideration' "?

Has this form been acceptable for stock agencies or ad agencies and such publication-oriented folks?

-- Anonymous, July 18, 1997

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