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Does anyone have instructions for building a 16"X20" vertical archival print washer - I remember seeing a how-to article somewhere but cant't locate it = If you can help, please e=mail me - the print washers I can locate in the marketplace are not in my present budget - thanks in advance

-- Anonymous, July 01, 1997


I was ready to patent a print washer idea of mine about 18 years ageo when I read an article in Popular photagraphy about the "Cascade" print washer that was put on the market by a Mr. Peterson. Incredibly, the idea was the same, and not only that, he used the same name that I was planning on using! In any event, this washer was tested by the magazine, and found to be 3X more efficient than other print washers available at the time. The concept is simple: water is supplied to the first slot and then enters the second slot over or under the next partition in an alternating pattern. Good use of water, and it has no moving parts. The only hitch is that when you run out of slots, the introduction of an unwashed print in the first space will contaminate the prints remaining in down stream slots. The solution is to use two washers. Wish I had patented it first. Even though it is a simple design, it was expensive, and it evidently didn't catch on. I think this washer should have been targeted to the resin based paper market (rather than the archival market) where short wash times without contamination by the introduction of additional prints whould have been the ticket. I think such a design would be easy to make, and would be inexpensive if you can find cheap materials. I don't think you would get in trouble with Peterson since you wont be making and selling the thing, and since the patent has probably run out: however, you might want to check this out. Good luck!

-- Anonymous, July 01, 1997

The Cachet EcoWash works on the same cascading principle.

-- Anonymous, October 07, 1997

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