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Should I worry? Why do Ilford and Agfa package paper in boxes and in black bags? What's the difference, why do it, is there an age difference, anything different? Should I always buy paper in boxes?

-- Anonymous, June 01, 1997


Agfa and Ilford packaging

I can't vouch for Agfa but I was told that the reason Ilford started selling their 100 sheet sizes in bags was to reduce the cost for students. If this is the reason it works, because where I live the boxed version would be $70 Canadian but only $45 for exactly the same paper in a heavy bag. The only problem I have found is the double bags are very inconvenient to work from directly but if you have a paper box or use an old 25 sheet container to keep your working stock in then it is fine.

-- Anonymous, June 02, 1997

As suggested, the reason for the black-bagged paper was one of economy. The paper was named "eco-pack", both to refer to the economy and also the ecological advantage of no boxes. It has become the standard sales method for 8x10 paper in Canada by all suppliers.

-- Anonymous, September 29, 1997

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