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Anyone have any thoughts/ideas on disposal of selenium. My darkroom is at home which is on a septic/leachfield system. I recapture and truck all my chemicals into a processor in town, but he won't take selenium or potassium ferricyanide.

I mix selenium with H20 instead of hypo clear so I can reuse it, minimize my waste volume, and make it easier to separate out. Has anyone tried an evaporation technique?

Thanks for the help. -Doug

-- Anonymous, May 14, 1997


Kodak has a referral service to help processors dispose of their chemicals safely. The phone number I have is a couple of years old. It's: 1-716-477-3194. I hope that's still current. You may want to log onto Kodak's web site ( if you need more info.

-- Anonymous, July 28, 1997

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