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Any comments on this paper? I have not read or seen anything on this paper yet and am interested in trying it. It is very expensive.

-- Anonymous, May 13, 1997


Ilford MG Warmtone?

I've never heard of it, where did you hear about it? Have you checked Ilfords home page?

-- Anonymous, May 16, 1997

Ilford Warmtone

I should have taken my own advice and checked the Ilford home page a little closer. I found Warmtone FB in their latest press release. It sounds interesting.

-- Anonymous, May 16, 1997

Ilford MG Warmtone

I have used this paper and it is the best VC warmtoned paper that I have encountered. I have used the Agfa MC Classic, which is not very warm, and am not impressed. Also, I do not care for the Forte product very much. Until the manufacture of this paper, I was using Agfa Portriga and Insignia (both graded) and Kodak PM Fine-Art (not warm-tone). These papers are all excellent.

Back to the Ilford. It is a warm toned chlorobromide emulsion on a white base (not a cream). It tones very well , as do most chlorobromides, and even split tones nicely. The paper base is a very heavy double weight that I would even call triple weight. I find that it is no slower than any other warm toned paper and is faster than most. I developed it in Dektol 1:1, Sprint Quicksilver, and a personal Amidol developer. All worked very nicely with the Amidol looking the best. I use it mostly for fashion and landscape work. I paired it with T-Max 400 and Tri-X in 6X7 and 8X10.

Hope this helps,

Daemian Smith

-- Anonymous, August 20, 1997

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