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Good day..... I have been developing and printing off and on for about 20 years. I am a part time professional but I don't 'push it' I have been using Dektol straight all of this time with very good and pleasing results. Whats the advantage of going 1:1. I don't use fiber paper. .....Whats the good word? Thankx...... Vern........

-- Anonymous, May 11, 1997


Re: Dektol 1:1

I only have experience with Dektol and RC paper, and once I started home printing (away from the reasonless procedures from my teacher), I won- dered the same thing. So far, the only benefit to dilution is that you use up less of your stock. I'd like to know any other less obvious reasons. Peace!

-- Anonymous, July 14, 1997

Vern, you might get The Art of Photography, by bruce Barnbaum. I know he regularly used Dektol mixed 1:5(that is one part Dektol to five parts water) for his exhibition printing. The major advantage is the longer time it takes for the fine prints to come to full development allows him finer control during the process. I use it more dilute also & have for some time. Then I change it regularly to keep quality control on an even keel. The fixer I don't fool around with & use it as recommended and if anything, change a bit sooner than it should to avoid inadvertently screwing up. Good luck

-- Anonymous, July 15, 1997

I use dektol in a 1:3 ratio. By using a deluted developer you have more room for error. It gives you more control over the look of the print. I suggest trying different ratios and see what works for you.

Good luck, Jerome Wild

-- Anonymous, August 17, 1997

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