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How much more contrast ( than 5 sec every 30 sec) can one expect from constant agitation ? I use Agfa 100/400 or Tmax 100/400 Thanks in advance. Denis

-- Anonymous, May 09, 1997


Denis: This depends on your film/developer combination and your times. I use Jobo processors with constant agitation and get the same results contrast wise as with my sheet film hangers and 35mm reels, ONCE I WORKED OUT A NEW NORMAL DEVELOPMENT TIME. The TMax films were formulated by Kodak tech types, according to what they have said in public at many seminars, to be processed with rotary or constant agitation. It works well. I shoot TMax 100 in 4x5 & 5x7 and get consistant results. I shoot HP5+ and Delta 100 in 35mm and get consistant results. The only real key is consistency and careful shooting when possible. The good news is when all is less than perfect, the films & papers available sure can make up for it. Don't get too technical, it is self defeating. This stuff isn't science, it is art and expression and interpretation. Small variations throughout the process, from storage of film to f/stops to chemistry temperature all conspire against 'perfection' in the process and only serve to drive too many of us into senseless worship of the current guru with 'all the answers'. Weston produced many negs that most of us would have thrown away. Moonrise over Hernandez by Ansel Adams is supposed to be a real bi*** to print. Yet the artistry and vision, coupled with the darkroom virtuosity of these artists enabled results that wowed the world. Use whatever it takes to get the image and let the final prints be the judge. If it helps, use it, within the bounds of your personal prejudices & feelings. Good luck.

-- Anonymous, May 10, 1997

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