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I have been notified that XTol lacks accutance. Grain control is goos but sharpness suffers. Can changes in dilution improve accutance?

-- Anonymous, May 06, 1997


Xtol Developer

I have been using Xtol ever since it made it to the stores. I love it! It is a very sharp developer. I use it at 1:3 and have found it to have a stright line when used with the Zone System. The only problem that I have had with it is the wreid sizes. It comes in 1, 5, and 50 litres. The one liter is okay, but who makes a 1.32 gallon jug for the 5 liter??

Check out the Kodak website (http://www.kodak.com/) for the fact sheets on Xtol. Kodak has put this info together in a acrobat file, and it has an amazing amount of info!

-- Anonymous, May 07, 1997

Re: Xtol Developer

The 5 liter quantity of Xtol fills five "one quart" bottles to the brim, which leaves little air-space. This is very good - you use one liter at a time, and the unused liters are full and get the longest shelf-life.


-- Anonymous, July 11, 1997

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