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I'm looking for info on hand tinting b&w photos. is this done with dye and direcltly applied to the print?is it applied with a brush or what? can i purchase the materials needed in a photography store? any help in this area would be gratly appreciated. thanks. andrea.

-- Anonymous, May 05, 1997


There are a number of books out on this. You might get 'The Official Marshall;s Handcoloring Guide & Gallery' by Grace & George Schaub. It gives a good overview, featuring(of course) Marshalls oils, pencils, & retouching media. There are other books on the subject. Check with your local library or find a photo club in your area that might have some members who do this work. Good luck.

-- Anonymous, May 05, 1997

I have been pleased with the results that I have gotten with Marshall's photo-oils and pencils. These can be purchased at large photo supply stores like B&H. I have also seen them sold in art supply stores in New York City but found the prices higher.IMHO the Marshall's guide is not that well written. I found "Handcoloring Photographs" by McKinnis to be exceptionally helpful in getting me started. Handcoloring is alot of fun. Good luck!

-- Anonymous, May 05, 1997

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