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Like a lot of others who post here, I am new to B+W. From everything I've read, you really need to do your own developing/printing in B+W, so I'm willing to try it, although, again, I'm a newbie. I'm interested in finding good fine grained film to use in landscape photography (using a tripod) with my 35mm. For me the major factors are fine grain, good contrast and ease of development, in that order. I'm considering Ilford's PanF+ 50 and Delta 100, Kodak's T-Max 100 and Agfa's Agfapan 25. I'd appreciate any advice/opinions on which of these films to use. Also any suggestions about developers that work best with these films would be helpful. I'm leaning toward Microdol-X based on what I've read, but I have no experience with it.

Thanks, Mike Anderson New Guy.

-- Anonymous, April 28, 1997


Re: fine grain film/developer

Hey mike. I'm also a relative newcomer, and I also like to take landscape shots. I've had some good results, and these are the materials I use: Film: Ilford Delta 400 Developer: Ilford Ilfosol-S Fixer: Ilford universal Rapid Kodak Hypo- clear and Photo-flo Paper: Ilford Mutigrade IV pearl Paper developer: Ilford Universal

You can also use Delta 100 if you like, but I prefer the 400 speed because I don't need a tripod and I get better depth of field. Grain is fine as long as temperatures of all solutions are consistent. (68 F) Good luck

-- Anonymous, April 28, 1997

Mike. The last Ilford seminar I attended stressed that their Delta 100 developed in ID11 at 1:3 was their choice over anything anybody made. I use it in 35mm with good success. In 4x5, I shoot TMax 100 and Delta 400. Both developed in ID11, 1:3 at 75 degrees in a jobo rotary drum developer, varying times for contrast control as it 'feels good'. Semi-zone system & it works for the 4x5 & 5x7 pretty well. Up to 16x20 prints, most can tell no grain difference, though the TMax is a touch more contrasty if all else is pretty equal.(good luck on that one) Anyway, I know the Delta 100 is not as touchy as TMax, easier to work with in many respect & I doubt anyone will complain about grain. Don't get too paranoid about grain, it is usually only a bother to those who 'look for it'. Most don't care and just look for a good print. But, maximize your chances with the ID11 over the microdol & your negs should be crisp & relatively grain free. I've found microdol negs(long time ago) to be a bit 'mushy' for my taste. Good luck.

-- Anonymous, April 28, 1997

fine grained film/developer

Hi Mike: I use Agffa Pan 25 developed in Rodinol for 7 minutes at a dilution of 1:50. The results are great if you don't mind carrying a tripod most of the time. I use 35mm equipment and have gotten some great 11 x 14's with this film & developer. Give it a try.

-- Anonymous, May 02, 1997

I`ve been using Teh Pan with Technidol. Develop according to instructions. Super fine grain and great tonal range.

-- Anonymous, August 02, 1998

I use Agfa Rodinal-Special (fine grain version of Rodinal ) to develop Agfapan APX 25 1:60 15 minutes 20 degree C in Minox development tank 1:80 15 minutes 20 degree C for Kodak Technical Pan

-- Anonymous, December 18, 1998

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