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I am finishing a darkroom in my basement and have purchased an old Omega enlarger. The identification markings that I have found include: Simmon Omega, Condensor Lamphouse Type D, Enlarging Lamp #211, Simmon Bros., Inc., Long Island City, NY. I am interested in a copy of a users manual to set the unit up and focus it, etc. Also, are replacement parts still available? Thanks, in advance. Brian

-- Anonymous, April 24, 1997


Brian,I got a copy of the instructions for a omega D-2 enlarger out of the shutterbug(at your local newstand)but I can't remember which company. I suggest you buy a shutterbug and look. sw

-- Anonymous, May 15, 1997

If you can't find a manual for this old enlarger, you might want to look for a general book about enlarger alignment. The Omega D is very simple to set up and use. (I have a very old Omega D as well and haven't had to do an alignment.) There are, depending on the formats and lenses you're going to use, different negative carriers and different lens mounts. A short (80mm) lens can be mounted to a flat lens mount. A longer (150mm) lens should be mounted to a cone type lens mount. Many used equipment photo stores have such things and can advise you about what to use for your particular application(s).

-- Anonymous, July 28, 1997

There is a web site devoted to old Omega enlargers at Parts are fairly common on the used market -- check out Shutterbug Ads and large camera stores. The carriers and some other stuff for the current D5 will fit yours, but Omega charges outrageous prices for new parts so I buy used whenever possible. I have an old DII and I've been able to get what I needed by looking around a little..

-- Anonymous, April 17, 1998

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