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Has anyone used D 76 to Dev Tmax? What was the mix & the results?

-- Anonymous, April 11, 1997


Yes, it works very well for me, nice contract, sharp well defined edges. I use it mixed 1:1 at the Kodak recommended time and temp.

-- Anonymous, April 11, 1997

E. Kodak did all the testing of TMax with D-76 before their introduction to the marketplace. The TMax developers only came later. It should work well for you as long as your technique is very consistent.

-- Anonymous, April 11, 1997

TMX works great in D-76. For my purpose, E.I. 64, 6.5 minutes at 68 deg. TMY in straght D-76 is to grainy for my use.

-- Anonymous, April 13, 1997

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